Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Fall

It's fall and I'm looking forward to enjoying my favourite season as our last season as a family of three.  The days are becoming noticeably cooler and the trees are starting to change colour.  This week I pulled our duvet out of storage.  Scarves and hats are also coming out.  I have a urge to start baking.  My first batch of wheat-free pumpkin muffins weren't so successful, but I have another recipe that seems more promising.  I'm also thinking of apple cake and zucchini loaves and butternut squash soup.  There are balls of yarn waiting to be crafted into tiny hats and baby sweaters.  To me, this is the season of long walks outside, of warm cups of tea, of preparing for the retreat into the colder months.  This will be A Special Winter.  A winter to hold my most loved ones, big and small, close.  But for now I plan on enjoying these bright crisp days.

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  1. Fall is my favourite too. Today really felt like fall!