Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Activities

I first thought of writing this post last year, when I was in the "fall activities for kindergarteners" mindset, but just never got around to it.  This year I have a little bit more free time on my hands. 

I'd say most of these actitivies are probably appropriate for 3-6 year olds and reflect somewhat of a Montessori approach.  I wish I had some pictures, but I don't.  Hopefully my little descriptions are self-explanatory. 

-set up a nature table with leaves, indian corn, gourds, etc.
-have the child tweeze the kernels out of a cob of indian corn or the seeds out of the centre of a sunflower
-use acorns as counters (very cute if paired with felt oak leaves with numbers on them!)
-identify/classify leaves from a nature walk
-pound golf tees into a large pumpkin
-wash gourds
-core apples
-peel apples using an apple peeler (my kindergarten students LOVED this and would argue over who got to eat the skin!)
-bake and cook fall foods (children can grate apples for muffins or apple sauce, clean pumpkins and roast the seeds, etc.)
-plant bulbs for spring

Some other fun ideas for fall include:
-nature walks
-apple picking
-visiting the pumpkin patch
-going to a corn maze

What are your favourite fall activities to do with/without kids? 


  1. this post reminds me how I need to get a box grater. I want M to help me much more with these sorts of kitchen tasks and having this simple piece of equipment will do so much!

    I have always loved fall, but I love it so much more now that I have kids! We're going to do a corn maze/hayride and pick a pumpkin. In a few years, I look forward to being able to keep the kids up late enough to sit at a fire with some cider.

  2. Man, this post inspired me... I'm looking into much of this now... Thank you!