Monday, September 17, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 27 (+2) Weeks Pregnant

I did intend on having a photo taken this weekend and writing this update on Saturday (which feels like it was a week ago), but the days were too busy with lovely fall outtings and visiting friends and family so, here we are. 

It was a good week pregnancy-wise.  I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it's likely I will feel crappy in the evening (heartburn) and have a hard time overnight (peeing every two hours and Charlie horses every third night or so).  Not having many set obligations in the day and the ability to lie down for an afternoon nap, if I so choose, makes things easier.  I'm still heartbroken over losing my job, but I have thought many times about how exhausted it's likely that I'd feel if I were there right now.  Silver lining?

I had a midwife appointment this morning and met Bianca, who will be our primary midwife from here out.  I was a little worried about not liking her as much as Kirsten, who took care of us with The Bean, but she seems LOVELY.  My weight gain (27lbs) and fundal height were both deemed "perfect" though I am somewhat concerned about gaining too much.  Baby's heartbeat was a nice steady 140bpm and she is, as I suspected, head down now. 

I was given the choice of doing a blood glucose screening, so I am going to book that hopefully for sometime next week.

I'll have to get Jen to take a photo this evening, so hopefully I'll be able to post it along with the photo challenge photo.  Hope everyone's week is off to a good start. 


  1. keep a cup of pickle juice by your bed and when you get a charlie horse, just down it! I'm telling ya, works every time.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think that would make me throw up!

  2. I love that you had a choice in the glucose screen! My midwifery practice wouldn't allow patients to opt out of that one. We'd have to transfer to the MFM docs if we didn't consent. (First pregnancy I was all about it...second one I was all about bypassing everything)

  3. I'm really enjoying reading your regular updates - it's like a little peek inside the 'mysteries' of pregnancy!