Sunday, September 9, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 26 (+1) Weeks Pregnant

I have stretch marks. :( 

I was really hoping I'd make it through without getting any, but alas...

Pretty early on this week I was getting out of the shower and noticed them on the undersides of my breasts.  I actually had noticed a red mark on the top of one of my breasts last week, but The Bean had pinched me, and I thought it was from that.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  I've gone from a B to a D in five months.  I should probably go and get fitted for some new bras (right now I'm wearing hand me downs from Jen and my sister that fit), but I was really hoping to put it off until post-baby and be able to get some nice nursing bras.  (Recommendations on styles/brands welcome!) 

I've been pretty good about putting on lotion all along, so I guess it was unavoidable.  One of my favourite Ani DiFranco lyrics is "I've got highways for stretch marks, see where I've grown?"  I guess I'll just have to embrace that.  (And yes, I LOVE Ani DiFranco and have since I was 14 or so and my brother played me "Back Around" in his bedroom.  I didn't even know I was gay then. ;)  )

Getting a full night's sleep continues to be a challenge.  I seem to be able to get a good stretch early in the night, but after whenever I get up for the first time I only go for another hour and a half before having to get up again.  And that's if I don't get a Charlie Horse.  Yes, they continue to be an issue even with the added Cal/Mag supplements. 

I've been surprised recently by the number of people who have been telling me not to carry The Bean.  Mostly I just brush it off as unsolicited advice but it does make me wonder what the concern is.  He's not very big/heavy and I'm in reasonable shape physically, even pregnant.  The boy likes me to carry him, I've cut back, but I'm not going to deny him completely. 

I'm looking forward to the fall -more of a routine, cooler weather, different wardrobe choices.  This will be our last season as a family of three and I'm trying to prepare for this number four as the days until she join us are becoming more and more limited.  I met up with a few other new and expecting moms from the BabyCentre website for tea on Friday.  It was nice.  I always feel a little awkward meeting new people, but I don't want to feel lonely once the new year rolls around and I'm ready to get out and about again and figured connecting with a few new people may help with that.  I'm also looking into childbirth classes.  Trying to find something that will be a good fit.  I feel like I am far to analytical/critical for Hypnobirthing to work for me, so am considering a different natural childbirth class.  Part of me hates to spend the money to prepare for something that will hopefully only take a relatively short period of time, but at the same time I would like to try for natural childbirth and feel that if I don't educate myself more it is unlikely to happen.  Again, any suggestions on methods, books, etc. would be appreciated.

Photo from 26 (+2) Weeks:

Jen tells me she'll have to start taking them horizontally soon.  Thanks babe.


  1. For what it's worth, I am pretty analytical and a big skeptic of most non-traditional medicine and Hypnobabies worked great for me. I wanted a pain-free natural childbirth and pretty much had one. But if you don't think it's a good fit for you I know a lot of people who have had good luck with Bradley. Honestly, I think your provider choice is WAY more important than any birthing class you take. You will figure out in labor what positions/breathing/etc. work for you. 26 weeks already! :)

  2. I completely agree with the above comment. I was skeptical of Hypnobabies but I ended up loving it and had a pretty painless birth. I also heard good things on Bradley too. I mostly think educating yourself on alternative coping techniques is most important. Learning to relax your muscles and breathe, listen to your body and be active rather than staying stuck in one position. I would rely on that if I didn't still have all te Hypnobaby stuff.
    I can't believe you're 26 weeks already. Very exciting!

  3. Had I not been having twins, I would have probably gone the "hyponbaby" route. I've heard great things about it.

    As for the editorial comments from strangers re: carrying the bean...I was told that if you were doing stuff before you were pregnant, it's ok to continue (within reason, of course). You've been carrying him all along and know your limits :) I used to get comments about the fact that I was still doing spin classes well into my pregnancy. Gotta love unsolicited advice! ;)

  4. I have to chime in with a third resounding approval for Hypnobabies! I chose it BECAUSE i'm so analytical and I knew I would try to think the baby out of my body. It helped me have such a lovely pregnancy and even though my birthing ended up a CSAC, the experience was as family-friendly as it could possibly have been thanks to my preparations.

  5. we took a pretty standard hospital natural birth class -- just a two-day intensive -- but we read a lot of other stuff, too. this one was the one most recommended by our midwives:

    but i basically read all the things i could handle. in the end, i don't feel like i used very much from either the class or the books. probably i used more than i think i did.

    as for carrying the bean -- i say go for it! he's a little guy, and you're accustomed to it. unless your doc tells you not to, obv. people are just fuuuuuuull of advice when you're pregnant! sheesh. enjoy the solo time with him now. 26 weeks already!

  6. Hi there,
    So sorry you're having stretch marks! We both got them, too, and actually feel pretty fondly toward them now. They're kind of like a badge of honor for having created a person :)

    Also, just wanted to say that we did Bradley for our second two kids and loved it. It provided lots of techniques for the person in labor while also providing a substantive role for the partner. We really liked that part of it, and it really helped us work as a team during each baby's birth.