Thursday, March 26, 2015

First Trip to the Dentist -or Feeling Like a Failure of a Parent

Today I took both kids to their first dentist appointment.

Jen and I knew that at age four we were late getting The Bean in for his first appointment.  We were also pretty sure that we'd discovered a cavity in one of his molars.  He absolutely refused every fluoride toothpaste we'd tried to have him brush with, but we started flossing more vigilantly and prepped him that the dentist was likely going to tell him that he needed to start using new toothpaste.

Sprout loves brushing her teeth with any kind of toothpaste, but she still nurses before bed which I know isn't great for dental hygiene. She sometimes seems to have spots on her front teeth, so I was concerned about what the dentist might say about that too.

We managed to get to our appointment on time.  Sprout was dressed in an Anna (Frozen) dress and Chuck Taylors, and The Bean decided today was the day to break in his new boots by stepping in every mud puddle on the way to to the office, but hey, we got there.  

I was sure that The Bean would hop right into the chair and that Sprout would cling to me, but he was actually the one who acted a bit nervous and Sprout called out "Me! Me!" when the hygienist asked who would go first.  Go figure.

Overall, I was impressed with the hygienist.  She playfully explained what she was going to do each step of the way, demonstrating with the tools on the kids' fingernails before asking them to open wide.  She complemented them on being super-cooperative and having beautiful teeth.  She was good.

She said that she could see a few spots on The Beans teeth and wanted to take x-rays.  Sprout and I left the room.  

The dentist came in to look at the kids' teeth and review the x-rays.  She was also very personable, if slightly less playful.  And while I wouldn't say she guilt-tripped me, I felt like a complete failure of a parent when she said that The Bean's x-rays showed SEVEN cavities.  SEVEN.  (Three on biting surfaces, and two shared between two teeth.)  She asked about his eating habits, snacks, and dental hygiene.  She pointed out the things that we should change.  I didn't tell her that his preferred beverage is chocolate almond milk.  I figured admitting to his raisin habit was enough.  

So, we now have to schedule him in for dental work.  We've decided that we'll do one appointment under general anesthetic rather than two or three with local.  Less chance for traumatization. (I hope!)  Poor kiddo.  

Poor Sprout too.  No more chocolate milk for her either. 

Monday, March 16, 2015


I'm sure I don't have long, but I thought I would attempt an ever-so-quick updated.

Last week and this week I've been on "March Break."  Certainly one of the big benefits of working at a private school is getting two weeks off in March.  Public schools get one week off and, I tell you, that week must go by SO quickly.

Last week we were able to go to PA and spend some time with my in-laws.  The Bean tells us regularly that he is going to leave us and move there when he is an adult.  And the sobs from Sprout when she realized that we were going home... well, let's just say they both love it there.  Moreover they love their "Ma" and "Pa" (as nicknamed by Sprout).  We love them to.  It was very nice to get to spend time with them and have four extra hands helping out for the week.  It really is too bad they don't live closer.

We celebrated an early Easter (dyed eggs and did an egg hunt +gave the kids Easter baskets), spent time visiting with extended family, and went outdoors as much as possible.

This week is an "at home" week.  In actuality we'll be out just about every day, but no big plans... we went to an indoor playground this morning.  Tomorrow the kids have optometrist appointments.  We'll see some friends and maybe, if it's nice, get ourselves out to a park or two.

I have so, so much work that I need to get done.  I over-promised on the curriculum project.  I've been enjoying working on it, but it is a lot of work and they keep asking for more!  I also need to spend some time getting my own teaching curriculum planned out for the next month or two.  I feel much more balanced than in the fall, but it can still be overwhelming at times.

In the next month or so I will find out if I will be offered a position at the school for the fall.  The VP said something that leads me to believe they will offer something, but I am not sure what it will be.  I should also be checking the job postings at other independent and private schools, which is like a job in itself.

Aside from those things I've recently joined a book club (though I have yet to make it to a meeting), started crocheting another sweater for Sprout (hopefully this one will fit her) and cleared out a few boxes of baby toys and clothes (that have been sitting around for the past 2-4 years).  All things I am quite pleased about.

Things are good.  Spring is in the air.  Time to get the littles up from their naps and go outside.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Royal Treatment: Medieval Times (Toronto) Review and Giveaway

Ever since my mom gifted The Bean a toy castle complete with knights and a cannon for Christmas, he has been interested in kings and dragons and all things related.  Some of his favourite books these days are fairy tales and, like many other pre-school aged kids these days he's pretty into Arendelle and its two princesses. So, when we were contacted about reviewing Medieval Times for the blog, it didn't take us long to decide that it was an offer we'd certainly take up!

In case that's not clear enough, we were provided with complementary tickets for this review and giveaway purposes. We were not compensated financially for this review. Of course, all opinions are our own.

We told The Bean and Sprout on Thursday that on Saturday we would be going to a castle to watch a show. They were both pretty excited about it. The Bean told literally everyone he happened to talk to... down to the teller at the bank when I was getting change for laundry and the pizza delivery person on Friday night.  Haha.

It was suggested to us that we arrive early to check out the "castle", horses and gift shop. Unfortunately The Bean (who took a long time to go down for his nap due to all the excitement) slept late, so we were racing downtown just to make it on time for the show, never mind early.

The staff were polite and helpful as we figured out ticket pick-up, were given a swag bag, and navigated our way to our seats.

We were seated front row centre, which was amazing. The Bean and Sprout were in awe when the first horse came galloping out. I didn't know what to expect in terms of focus, but both kids remained pretty enthralled through the performance. Towards the end Sprout abandoned her seat to climb up and down the stairs beside us, but The Bean was attentive for the entire show.

We were seated in the "red and yellow" section. The kids loved waving their flags, no matter which knight was performing. Jen and I made sure they cheered loudest for our knight, who we jokingly referred to as John Snow.  (Check out the photos below --you can see the resemblance too, can't you?)

I was quite impressed with the show. I've never been and didn't really know what to expect. They kept things moving along quite well and there were a lot of different acts, from dressage, to a falconer, to jousting and sword fighting.

Dinner was served in courses throughout the duration of the performance. We were each served garlic bread, tomato soup, a huge portion of chicken, half a roasted potato, some corn on the cob, and sorbet for dessert. Dinner out can often be a challenge for us due to The Bean's dairy allergy, but the staff were amazing. When we were going back and forth making arrangements they asked about allergies and when we arrived we had a special card to give to our wench (waitress) noting The Bean's food restrictions. They had also sent me a menu with an ingredient list to read beforehand, so we knew what he could and couldn't have and could request some substitutions (namely the dessert). Turns out, we didn't really have to give it so much thought as he barely ate anything, but still it was nice to know. The food was good, and Jen, Sprout and I all enjoyed our meals. The Bean is just super-picky about food.

Dinner was served without utensils, but Jen had packed a bib and spoon for each of the kids. I have heard that they'll happily accommodate little ones with utensils, but we didn't ask. They did, however, bring over boosters right away when I asked. The service across the board was excellent.

The Bean's favourite part of the show, by far, was when the knights battled each other.  He was cheering up a storm and you could just tell that he wanted in on the action. Sprout loved the horses, when John Snow gave her a flower, and the corn on the cob. 

The Bean had a meltdown as we were leaving since we refused to buy him a sword, but aside from that it was a really fun evening out with the family. Because of their ages, I feel like The Bean got more out of it than Sprout, but the both definitely enjoyed themselves, as did Jen and I. The Bean's already been asking when we can go back again, and I expect that one day we will.

And now for the GIVEAWAY...

If you would like to win tickets for four to see a performance at Medieval Times Toronto, please comment here with the name of your favourite fairy tale. (It doesn't even have to have knights or princesses in it.) Winners will be picked Friday, March 6th, 2015 and announced shortly thereafter. (Please leave your email address in your comment so we can notify you if you win!)