Thursday, September 6, 2012

100 Days to Go

So, there are exactly one hundred days left until Sprout's due date. 

Admittedly, being pregnant hasn't been an "easy" experience.  My mother used to talk about how wonderful she felt during her pregnancies, and I guess I expected to feel the same way, but as anyone who follows this blog already knows I've had my share of discomforts. 

All this isn't to say I'm not enjoying being pregnant. I am in awe that there is another human being growing inside of me, and it's certainly a time I will treasure. In fact, I'm a little bit sad that I will only get to experience pregnancy once in this lifetime, despite any complaining I've done.

Anyway, on this occassion I thought I'd list some of the items that have made pregnancy easier:

-Diclectin/ anti-nausea medication -without this I don't know how I would have survived the first four to five months.  It didn't make me feel 100%, but it certainly took the edge off.

-Bellaband -very helpful at the end of my first trimester when I could still almost fit into my regular clothes.  Also great to have now as I'm wearning some of Jen's hand-me-down maternity clothes which are just a little big for me.  It's like a belt for maternity pants!

-Maternity Clothes -the first pair of shorts I put on felt like a miracle.  I'm a little sick of them after having lived in them all summer, but they've still been great to have.  One suggestion I would like to make to anyone who thinks they'll find themselves in need of maternity clothes sometime soon is to buy coordinating pieces.  If you're like me, you're not going to puchase a ton of items, so make sure that you can mix and match!  (Try choosing brown or black as a base colour and finding other items that go with your base to pair with.)  This is also somethig I do when travelling to avoid overpacking.  (I haven't bought any yet, but I've heard maternity underwear is a worthwhile purchase, any input?)

-Wedge Pillow -when my sister loaned me her wedge pillow I doubted it's effectiveness, but it really has helped!  I often find myself wishing I had two, because even though I know I'm supposed to sleep on my left, I still roll back and forth and it'd be super-awesome not to have to readjust the pillow each time I moved. 

-Nice lotion -now that I'm starting to feel streched, having a nice lotion to put on after a bath or when I wake up itchy is a nice luxury. 

-My wife -she's awesome, but sorry ladies, no one else gets her.  Hopefully you find someone who treats you as great as she treats me --from taking on Bean duties and allowing me to go to bed at 6pm during my first trimester, to rubbing out my legs before bed, and telling me that I'm attractive even as struggle to get up off the couch--  I really couldn't ask for anyone better. 

I'm curious to hear what others have found they/ their partners appreciated having during their pregnancies.  Leave it in the comments! 


  1. Kris loved that every night, from 6 weeks on, I used Bio-oil (can find in any drugstore here) and gave her belly a massage. At 40 weeks, she did not have ONE stretch mark and she swears it was because of the Bio-oil massages! She has already told me that if/when we get pregnant with #2 that Bio-oil massages will resume :)

    Wishing you MUCH comfort for the remaining 100 days!

  2. Wow, 100 days left! So exciting!

    Just wanted to second your comment about how great it is to have a fabulous partner. Mine was completely amazing when we were expecting our first, as well, and I don't know how I would have gotten through it without her!

  3. I can vouch for maternity underwear. I was super skeptical at first, but wow! A huge difference in comfort :)

  4. I never bought any maternity underwear but was down to about 7 pairs of old Hanes by the end because my fave Jockeys rolled under and were uncomfortable. So it might be worth it. Never got into the wedge pillow myself but it was perfect to keep Juju from spitting up on the changing table. :)

  5. I'm finally almost caught up with your blog. It has been a great read, thank you.

    I also second the comment about having a great partner. I'm not pregnant yet, but I know she will be super supportive of me. My wife is a blessing in my life.