Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some People Just *Get* It

...I am not one of those people.

Lately, I've been reading all kinds of blogs... mommy blogs, educational blogs, design blogs... and it seems like every two minutes I'm saying to Allison, "Hey, listen to this idea!"  And, Allison (patiently listening to me explain) has usually already heard of the idea and has started doing something similar.

Anyway, looking at this picture from Allison's Ikea Hack post made me realize how sometimes Allison just *gets* stuff that would take me years to think of or figure out and then implement.

See the top shelf?

It has two pieces of pretty cool art on it, right?

Right.   (You're supposed to agree with me there.)

The picture on the left is a piece we ordered from Etsy.  The piece on the right is a picture that one of Allison's students drew for The Bean last year.  When she put the shelves up last week, Allison found the picture, grabbed the frame from a pile of empties, cropped the picture, framed it, and added the finished product to the shelf (all while entertaining The Bean during my morning to sleep in).

I didn't even know we had half that stuff.

The student who drew the picture was a favorite of mine because she took a huge shine to The Bean last year, so I was ecstatic to walk in and discover her artwork displayed so nicely on his new shelf.

I might not *get* it, but I'm glad Allison does.

To be fair, Allison totally doesn't get electronics, but I'm an ace.

Is there anything your significant other seem to be able to do that you would just never think of? 


  1. My husband's a programmer so he does all the tech stuff around here. I'm always like, "Shaun! This isn't working!" and then he comes and pushes two buttons and it's fixed. It makes me feel really slow! lol

  2. Hah - Sounds familiar! I'm definitely the tech person around here. Do you ever watch Modern Family? There's a really funny episode about Claire using the remote control.

  3. I love your blog header pic, adorable.

    My wife is constantly either baking things from scratch or making clothing by hand, when typically I would just go out and buy it, not having the skill or patience to do otherwise. But I'm definitely the techno guru in the household.

  4. Dumb Dad has sports all figured out. Which comes in handy in our all Dude sports playing house. I mean I get basketball and even football and baseball no problem. But, soccer? No idea. And all of my boys are playing this year, one on a for real travel team with rules and cards and stuff. I can't even yell at the field until I check with Dumb Dad to make sure I don't sound like an idiot. He glares at me, but whatever, I've got to yell!

  5. @Strawberry - Allison is definitely the baker and maker in our house. She hasn't done clothing yet, but it's only a matter of time and access to a sewing machine! As The Bean grows, I'm hoping to get the benefit of her baking for birthdays and special occasions. :-)

    @Dumb Mom - Oh, sports. I think that will eventually fall into a Jen category. I'm a bit more sports oriented in general, but I'm with you on soccer! I just don't get it. What has me really scared is hockey. Being a transplant to Canada I don't quite get it the way the natives do. I think I've almost gotten punched (by men AND women) when I've declared The Bean will NOT be playing hockey because of the violence. Need to start the indoctrination early. Lately I've been leaning towards cricket! How can you not love a sport where they stop for tea breaks?

  6. Jenn and I are the exact same way. Like Allison, she "gets" the whole cropping/framing etc. She does it so nicely and effortlessly. She has an eye for decorating. She can look at an empty room with white walls and tell you what paint colour to use, furniture to buy and pictures to put on the wall. As hard as I try, I have so much trouble visualizing what will look good in a room.

  7. My partner gets building stuff. She doesn't quite get that I have to think every step through, even Ikea furniture takes me too long to assemble. As much as I like building things because it is a sense of accomplishment, she just "Gets" it and can do thinks like make a headboard out of a door.