Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cloth Diaper Week -Our Picks

There seem to be two main reasons people choose to cloth diaper. One is expense, the other is environmental conservation. We probably lean more towards the second, but the reduced cost of cloth diapering certainly doesn't hurt!  

Our Tiny Guy in a Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover
We've sort of jumped around all over the place in terms of which diapers we're using on The Bean.  

Currently, at home we've mostly been using MotherEase One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers with a Thirsties Duo Wrap cover. The MotherEase have been able to contain all messes. For nap times we add a doubler since The Bean is a heavy wetter and that seems to do the trick. As mentioned in a previous post, I really like the Thirsties Duo Covers. I like that they're adjustable so they will fit for a long time. I like snaps over velcro since they don't destroy other things in the washing machine. And I like the double leg gusset which acts as a back up reinforcement for the above-mentioned messes. There are a few steps involved with this system and sometimes we have to drag The Bean back to his change pad a couple of times before we're finished changing him, but it works and we're pretty happy with it.

When I'm feeling lazy (usually first thing in the morning) I'll grab one of our BumGenius 4.0s and put The Bean in that. It's super-easy (although the snapping still does take some time). It also fits him well. There is very little bulk with this diaper so he looks better-proportioned in it too. The drawback is that they're expensive and we only have a couple. Flips and Kushies are my other "lazy" diapers. (I really like that the Flip covers can be reused.)

We used to use disposables when we went out, but we've switched over to using gDiapers with biodegradable inserts. We usually carry a couple extra inserts and one extra cover. It's nice not to have to carry around stinky or wet diapers if we end up needing to change him.

A final note, Jen and I have decided that though we love cloth diapering, it is not always the best solution for us. The Bean is an extremely heavy wetter, and even when he was just a few months old, would often be completely soaked when we changed him during the night. Even the most absorbent of cloth diapers often felt like they could be rung out. We didn't like the thought of him sleeping with wetness on his skin for hours every night, so we made the decision to use disposables overnight. We feel it has been the right decision for us. Although we wish we weren't adding waste that will take hundreds (or thousands) of years to break down, one diaper a night is a lot better than the eight plus a day we could be using, and we are glad that we've been able to put less into landfills by using cloth diapers the majority of the time.  

Disclaimer: This, along with all of the posts in our "Cloth Diaper Week," is not a paid endorsement of any type of diaper, it is merely meant as a reference for people interested in finding out more.


  1. Like you, we decided a while back to use disposables (although an earth-friendly brand) overnight. But our preferred during-the-day diaper is the GroVia hybrid, hands down. Tried G-diapers and didn't like them. If you're ever looking for something else, but I kinda doubt it after all your research lol, we love GroVia.

  2. Thanks for the GroVia recommendation - it's always nice to know what other people like in case our needs change.

    What didn't you like about G-diapers?

    Easy-on is starting to be my new most important feature!

  3. We should look into earth-friendly disposables. The "green" diapers our grocery store carries I don't think are truly earth friendly (after reading the label) and we didn't like them when we tried them. What type do you use? Maybe I can order some and have my in-laws bring them up on their next visit.

  4. What age did you need to start with doublers? How did you know he's a heavy wetter? Oh, the things that keep me up at night.

  5. We use Nature Babycare. What we didn't like about gDiapers was the we had leakage problems in general and many times when the liner would get soiled, so would the cloth. We went through them too quickly. GroVia has two parts, not three like gDiapers. There's the outer shell and then a sticky maxi-pad-like liner that is disposable. It is very rare that the shell gets soiled because the liner is larger and stays in place. There are lots of cute colors and designs as well, like the g's.

  6. Hey Emily,
    I'd say we probably started with doublers around 4 months. The "heavy wetter" status is self-diagnosed... he SOAKS his diapers.

  7. Hey! Fellow Pittsburgher here! I just want to say that I applaud your cloth diaper efforts. We cloth diaper, too and as our son gets older it's sometimes pretty tempting to use a lot of disposables (heavy wetter here, too!).

    I like to think of the BumGenius 3 a day campaign. I mean, we're making a huge difference if we use just 3 cloth diapers per day. You should feel really excited about it, even if you're using some sposies sometimes.

  8. Go Steelers!

    Thanks for the encouragement Katy! I think a big thing with CDing is finding what works for you. We fully recognize it's not a choice everyone will make, and encourage anyone who makes the effort. Although, I still say it's really not that much more work. Still, not looking forward to the bigger poops that come with bigger kids... maybe it will just act as an incentive to start potty training earlier. ;)

  9. Thanks for the rundown 1 In Vermillion, I think I've heard of Nature Babycare. Word from another mom up here is that we can find 'earth friendly' disposables on amazon for decent pricing. Might be worth checking into.

    I can see the potential for leakage in the gdiapers. They're my favorite this week because they're so easy to put on, but I've learned that my favorites change about every 2 weeks!

  10. We too love the grovias! So easy and with twins that's what we need. we used g's when the girls were really little but found the covers got damp which I didn't like. in contrast the grovia's stay super dry but sadly are much bulkier. can I ask what the neat swaddling contraption you are using in the picture? this looks to be genius!

  11. @definingfamily - Nice to hear another shout-out for the gro via's. We've been talking about what we should stock up on when The Bean starts daycare and I wonder if we should get a couple to try them out before deciding.

    The Bean is in the newborn insert for our ergo baby carrier in this picture. It is SO not the intended use, but we did it all of the time and it was wonderful! We loved it for things like the above because he couldn't fit into any chairs that we had. It was also great to put him into it before visitors held him. It made keeping his neck stable so much easier and people who weren't super comfortable holding a newborn felt better if he was in the insert.