Friday, August 12, 2011

Customer Service The Way It Ought To Be

I recently had an excellent customer service experience and thought it deserved blogging about.

About a month ago we ordered three size 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps from  We had been using size 1s in our rotation, but decided it was time to move a size up since we're now mainly using MotherEase diapers at home which are very absorbent and great for containing messes, but also very bulky. The size 1s weren't fitting over them very well. 

We broke the covers out a few days ago to start using them and noticed that the snaps in the rise weren't making a snapping noise when we pushed them together.  Then, when we'd pull them up over the diaper to close the waist, the snaps in the rise would just pop open.  I was annoyed.  We had been so happy with the size 1s, there was no reason to think the size 2s would be any different.  I felt like we had wasted our money on something that was defective.

Jen suggested sending them back to Amazon, but we had ordered them to her parents' address in the U.S. and it would be a huge hassle.  Then she suggested contacting Thristies directly.  Honestly I thought it would be a waste of time, but I got online and went to their website.  They had a phone number at the top of their homepage, so I called it.  After keying in the numbers to get to customer service, I got voicemail.  Ugh.  I left a message explaining the issue we were having with the snaps and fully expected to never hear back from them.

An hour later the phone rang.  It was one of their customer service reps.  She reviewed the problems we were having, apologized to me for the inconvenience, and then took down my contact information explaining that they were going to send out three new covers and to expect them within a couple of weeks (again apologizing because shipping to Canada takes much longer than it does within the U.S.).  I was shocked.  I thanked her for all her help and hung up the phone practically speechless.  Really, words cannot describe how pleased I was with their level of customer service.  It's refreshing to see a company doing things right! 


  1. That is so good to hear! I feel as though good customer service is so very rare these days. Totally weird timing, but yesterday on NPR there was a whole discussion about customer service (there's a good out about it right now). I can't find a link (darnit!) but I think you'd find it humorous.

  2. Oh, we love NPR! We'll have to see if we can track down the show you're talking about.

  3. We use the same company for our diapers/covers and I've never been disappointed by them! They are a great company!

  4. I'm glad to hear that Holly Ann. We use a wide variety of diapers but really liked the Thirsties covers (that's why we bought more). It's good to know you haven't had any problems with them. I imagine this was a one-off type of situation.