Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Trip

We got back from our trip to Newfoundland a few days ago. 

Air travel with The Bean wasn't nearly as bad as I had worried it might be.  We had to wake him in the wee hours of the morning for our departing flight, so he was pretty sleepy most of the way there.  He napped off and on, and when he wasn't sleeping he was  pretty cheerful.  It helped that the lady behind us on the plane took a shine to him and was smiling at him and playing peek-a-boo.  Jen nursed during take off, but I think he would have been fine with just his pacifier.  We had some jarred baby food which he ate part way through the flight and we packed some toys, including one that so far has never failed to distract him when he gets fussy.  He did have a major blowout on the way there.  It would have been fine, except it happened during beverage service and I couldn't get to the washroom to change him and it ended up leaking everywhere.  Gross.  Fortunately we had thought ahead and packed a second outfit in our carry on.  My only other complaints would be that the flight was delayed and there was ZERO legroom.  Really.  I'm only 5'2" and I felt squished.

I was really happy to see my dad and his new home.  (It was my first time visiting him since he moved in 2007.)  Newfoundland was absolutely gorgeous.  I don't think I have ever been anywhere that was so free from development.  It was mostly sky, trees, and ocean.  Even thought they've had a rainy summer, we had good weather while we were there.   As I said in my previous post, the only thing I really could have done without were the bugs.  (People were saying it was the worst year they've ever had for bugs and I'm the type who gets eaten alive, even when there aren't many bugs around.)  We didn't plan on doing a whole lot while we were there, and kept to a nice, relaxed pace while still getting to see some of the island.

Poppy's House  

Across the street at the beach

Down the road at Ship Cove

Around the peninsula to...
Lady of Mercy Church
  Alpacas of Newfoundland
and Sheaves Cove
Jen and I agree that Sheaves Cove was our favourite spot that we visited, but really, we loved it all. 

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