Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seven Months Old!

Today The Bean is seven months old!

-The Bean continues to grow and grow and grow!  We won't have any official stats on him until his 9 month well-check but his feet are almost touching the ground in his Jumperoo and it seems we have to put more of his clothes into storage for Baby #2 everyday.  He now fits comfortably into his 6mo clothes.

-We've introduced a few more new foods including apple, mango, green beans, egg yolk, lamb, oatmeal, and rice puffs.  He continues to be an enthusiastic eater!  We're often left wondering where he puts it all.

-He is definitely teething, although there are no signs of a tooth yet.  He chews on everything and rubs his gums together even when there's nothing to chew on.  Orajel has become a part of our bedtime routine.

-Speaking of bedtime, we have started doing a slightly modified version of Cry It Out.  We do our usual bedtime routine, then rock him for a few minutes and put him down.  If he's crying we go in and check on him after 5, then 10, then 15 minutes.  So far he has always fallen asleep by the end of the 15  minute mark, if not sooner.  It's definitely hard to listen to him cry, but he seems to be getting better at putting himself down and I think it's preserving some of our sanity.  The next step is try to eliminate one of his nighttime wakings.  I expect that listening to him cry at 4am is going to be a lot harder than listening to him cry at 6:30pm.

-At the beginning of August we transitioned The Bean from the co-sleeper in our bedroom to his crib in the nursery.  We did it cold turkey and he made the switch wonderfully.  We were all ready for the move.

-He continues to work on his gross motor skills of sitting and crawling.  The issue with sitting seems to be that he much rather stand!  He is going to be unstoppable once he figures out how to pull himself up.  Crawling is also still a work-in-progress.  He's getting closer, but usually ends up just rolling where he wants to go. 

-He rolls towards and picks up the toy he wants to play with, with obvious intent.  He will look at it closely, turning it in his hands.  He will also pass a toy from one had to the other. Then he usually throws it across the room.  *Sigh*

-He's still Mr. Social.  He likes getting people's attention by giving them big smiles.  He happily goes to pretty much anyone although he doesn't seem to be thrilled when there are tons of new faces all at once.  

-It is the best thing in the world to listen to him giggle.  Silly faces and noises are almost guaranteed to get a big belly laugh out of him.

-Now that we're making an effort to call The Bean by his given name rather than by nicknames like "Buddy" or "Baby," he's starting to respond by turning to look at us. 

The Bean is now closer to being a year old than he is to being a newborn.  As I know I've said before, the time is passing so quickly and we are trying to enjoy every minute of it!

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