Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cloth Diaper Week -Dressing Cloth Diapered Bums

One issue with cloth diapering is finding pants that fit over the diapers.

The easiest solution is to put your baby in pants that are a size up from what s/he would typically wear.  The drawback to going up a size is that the length can be too long.  Usually nothing a cuff can't fix though.

Another solution, one that I'm itching to try, is making your own pants.  Here are a couple of patterns I have found in my internet searches.

These pants feature a rear panel that adds plenty of room for cloth diapered babies.

They're reversible!  Genius!
(photo courtesy of Sew With Sass) 
 Now I just need to get the sewing thing down!

Some work-around solutions for non-sewers like me are putting your baby in a skirt or leggings  (better options if you have a girl), purchasing some baby legwarmers like babylegs, or forgoing pants altogether and showing off their cute cloth diapered bum!


  1. Oh, I had so much trouble with this. My older daughter was always in the 99th percentile, and with cloth diapers, I could not get pants on her! She wore a lot of skirts and tights, and eventually I caught on to leggings. I love the Big Butt Baby pants and would totally make some if I still had a baby.

    PS Your baby is getting so big! It's amazing how fast it happens.

  2. Oh, and PPS--The photo in your header is just beautiful!

  3. Hi Jaimie, Wow, 99th percentile. The Bean is the exact opposite...he's been under the 10th percentile since he was in utero. That does make it easier to dress his big bum though. :-) Glad to hear that you like the Big Butt Baby pants, we have a pair waiting at my parents for us and are excited to give them a try.

    Thanks for the compliment on the header shot. My sister-in-law took them when we were all together this summer. She does nice stuff and is trying to start a business over in Mauritius where their family lives. If you want, you can see her stuff at