Sunday, September 18, 2011

Queen West Art Fest

Yesterday Jen, The Bean and I hit up another local art festival, The Queen West Art Fest.  It's an artsy neighbourhood with lots of small galleries spread around and there were events going on all over, but we stuck to the tents set up in Trinity Bellwoods Park.    

It wasn't too dissimilar from the arts festival last weekend.  There were many of the same vendors, but we noticed that this festival seemed to be more art-specific, whereas last week there were more vendors with handmade soaps and specialty foods and the like.   

The tents here were a little more spread out and it was easier to walk around without bumping into people.  We were also able to spend some time window shopping along Queen West, which was nice.  We like the neighbourhood but don't get down there too often.

We got some poutine to snack on when we got there and boy, was it good!  For non-Canadians reading, if you ever come to Canada it's worth seeking out this dish.  French fries covered with cheese curds and turkey gravy.  Best. Food. Ever.  Seriously, if the Republican Party, antiquated gay-marriage laws and health care costs didn't make you want to move to Canada already, poutine will.  We even let The Bean have a taste.  He seemed to enjoy it, but he was also munching on sticks and leaves...

I didn't take many photos of the artists' tents.  I always worry that if I do they'll get upset.  I suppose I could ask, but I didn't this time.  Anyway, here's a shot of a tent that had some neat poster type paintings.  The final shot is of The Bean, because it was just too cute not to include. 

 It was a gorgeous day and a fun afternoon spent together.  How did you spend your weekend?


  1. We're heading that way today - I'm so excited. When I was pregnant last year, we waddled over to the festival accidentally in the last half hour of the weekend and were so disappointed that we didn't know about it even though we're right down the street. This year, we've planned our weekend around it (and a family birthday party later in the afternoon). We've got a splendid day for a walk in the park.

  2. Hope you have fun Amanda! Looks like another perfect day for it!

  3. We were there too! We didn't realize the show was going on though. We ended up going over there so that Riley and Finn could play in the bowl. I wish we had met up with you guys! Did you guys get anything?

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Must make mental note to try poutine if we ever visit Canada - sounds delicious :)

  5. Thank you for that ode to poutine!!! It is seriously the best food ever!!!!!

  6. We had (a vegetarian version of) poutine on our visit to Toronto last month! Love, love, endless love for the yummy foods, the sights, the rights, the excellent tram system... Oh, for a Canadian teaching job... :) So happy for your fun, fun weekend together! rlg.

  7. @Ashleigh Too bad we missed you! We definitely need to get together sometime soon.

    @Alayna You won't regret it!

    @Miss Bee LOL. I love poutine.

    @breakingintoblossom I'd believe that you could find a good vegetarian version, but poor vegans would really miss out. If you ever come back to T.O. and what suggestions on things to do here, feel free to email and ask.