Sunday, September 25, 2011

Word on the Street

Word on the Street is an annual event which brings together all sorts of different organizations having to do with literature, from publishers to authors to bookstores to local theatre companies.  I believe this was our fourth or fifth time going.  It's a fun event, particularly for bibliophiles like us.  

There is a section of the festival called KidStreet which focuses on children's programing and exhibitors that are devoted to children's literacy.  We spent a lot of our time at the festival today looking around the childrens' book tents.  Jen even caught her first glimpse of Polkaroo, the famous and somewhat illusive character from the Canadian children's TV show The Polka Dot Door.   

Of course, there was also festival food.  We got poutine.  Again.  I love poutine.  

We came home with three new books.  Two were for The Bean and one was for my cousin who did a lot of cat-sitting for us while we traveled this summer.  Todd Parr came highly recommended from a friend.  The book of his we purchased, The Mommy Book, has bright bold illustrations and talks about some of the ways mommies are different (e.g. "Some mommies go fishing/  Some mommies go shopping") and some of the ways mommies are the same ("All mommies love to kiss and hug you").  I thought it was cute, particularly for a boy who has two moms!  The other book we picked up for The Bean was a little touch and feel book called Things That Go.  He seems to enjoy other similar books by DK (the publisher) and it was only $3, so it came home with us.  Of course, there were tons of other excellent looking books there and we could have easily come home with bags full of them, but instead I took photos of them, and will add them to the Amazon wishlist.  The holidays are coming up, and some books are sure to make their way under the tree.

Not sure what we'll be up to next weekend, but we've sure been enjoying all the street festivals going on here over the past month!  Hope you all had a great weekend too. 


  1. We adore Todd Parr books and have a very nice need to get The Bean The Peace Book by him!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Amanda! I'll add it to our Amazon list!

  3. Ahh, I love Word on the Street but missed it this year.

    Todd Parr is AMAZING. Both my kids love his books. I recommend "The Feelings Book" and "It's Okay to be Different".