Monday, September 19, 2011

On The Bookshelf: Farm Books

So, it has been a long time since I did an "On the Bookshelf" update.  I know I said I was thinking about making it into a monthly feature, but then I kind of dropped the ball on that.  Weekly updates I can more or less keep up on, but monthly are harder to remember for whatever reason.

Anyway, rather than showing you what was actually on the bookshelf this past week, I decided to pull a few books about farms that we've been reading to The Bean over the past little bit.

Farm, At the Farm and Biscuit Visits the Petting Zoo are all touch and feel books.  I like the photos in Farm, and the Biscuit book has cute illustrations, whereas At the Farm is kinda' "meh" if you know what I mean.   The Bean's attention span for stories has increased and he'll happily sit on our laps and look at a book, try flipping the pages, chewing on it, and with encouragement touching the "touch and feel" pictures.  The Biscuit book was probably my favorite of the three this time around because of the two I liked, it has a story line whereas the other is just photos with one word descriptions. 

On the Farm was kind of a fun book, because although not touch a feel, it has sturdy fold-out flap so it is more interactive.  It also does a count down from five to one, which might be interesting for an older child.  The last page has a mirror when you lift the flap and The Bean smiled at himself in it when we were looking at the book.  Cute!  

Everywhere a Moo, Moo is more or less the song Old MacDonald with photo images.  Not bad, but not a favourite either.  

Tractor is a DK book, with nice photographs of different tractors and descriptions of some of the jobs they do.  I can see it becoming quite popular if The Bean ever goes through a "vehicles" phase, as many toddler boys seem to do.  

The New Baby Calf has illustrations by Barbara Reid who uses plasticine to create pictures, which is kinda amazing when you think about it.  The story is about a baby calf growing up and also about some of the things the Mama cow does to take care of him.  It has a nice cadence to it and The Bean seems to enjoy listening to it being read aloud.  

We have a couple other farm-themed baby books which I forgot to include in this post, how about you, do you have any good farm books that your kids enjoy?  


  1. This one has been a favorite with Monkey for a long time:

    Cute header pic!

  2. Oh, we have a dinosaur book like that and a Christmas one. I haven't broken out the dino one for a while, but I do remember him liking it the last time we read it (ages ago). I should look for the Old MacDonald one. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. My 16-month old daughter LOVES farm animals. I'll have to look into these books - they different than our collection.