Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick Health Update

Just a quick update on my midwife appointment from Monday and The Bean's doctor's appointment from yesterday.
All is good on the new baby front.  This was a pretty brief appointment.  My urine test came back fine, and my weight gain (16lbs!) was also not a concern.  They were able to find the baby's heartbeat easily.  144bpm, which has me thinking "boy" though I'm not sure how accurate that is.  We should be finding out for sure next week. 

The Bean had to go in for his 15 month immunizations yesterday.  We must have overlooked them in the schedule, so we're a bit behind.  We're going to do his 18 month ones next month as there's a slight chance of ferbile seizures in doing these two together.  He was a champ for the shot.  Not a single tear.  They also weighed and measured him.  Here are his stats:
weight: 21lbs (2.3%)
height: 33in (60%)
weight for height: 0.4%
head circumference: 19in (49.7%)
We were excited that he is on the charts now!  Looks like he's just going to be a slender kid. 

We also got his pelviectasis ultrasound results from back in May.  It looks like there's been improvement.  I don't remember the exact wording, but our peditrician said they used the mildest wording possible without saying that the issue has resolved itself.  We will do another ultrasound as soon as we can book one, and hopefully it will show that it's not a concern anymore.  Not that we've been too concerned about it, but still. 

Other than that he seems to be meeting all his developmental milestones, most of which I think I mentioned in his 18 month update. 

In other words, everything is looking good for both/all of us. 


  1. it'll be interesting to hear if the heartbeat correlation proves true! :)
    our girls' 18-mo appointment is tomorrow; i'm thinkin' they'll be over 21 lbs, they feel like sacks of potatoes! bird is built like the bean though, at 2.5, she's only about 24 or 25 lbs...tall and slender.

  2. So glad to see all this great news :)

  3. He is a slender fellow. Glad everything is good!

  4. Tall and lean, that is the Bean! So glad his ultrasound looked ALMOST normal....I had been wondering how that was going for him. Good news all around, and much like offeringoflove, I am excited to see if your heartbeat prediction is correct :)