Sunday, July 1, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 16 (+1) Weeks Pregnant

I feel like there's been a pretty significant change this week as to how pregnant I'm feeling.  As in: I feel quite pregnant now. 

I feel like I'm actually showing now.  Well, sometimes I feel like I'm showing and other times I feel like I'm just getting fat. 

I've also started feeling some pain on the lower sides of my stomach.  I imagine my muscles are stretching.  Jen assures me she remembers feeling similar discomfort.  Oh, and I've been getting itchy skin on my stomach and boobs. 

It's not all so glamourous this pregnancy stuff. 

I do enjoy noting the changes though.  It's kind of exciting to see some physical signs of the baby growing inside of me. 

I bought my first maternity clothes on Thursday --two pairs of shorts and two tank tops.  Hopefully I won't have to buy too many more as I have quite a few hand-me-downs from both Jen and my sister.  I didn't have any shorts though and my in-laws had warned us that it'd been really hot in PA and we should pack accordingly for our trip.  I am still wearing non-maternity clothes too, but the new stuff is nice to have. 

Earlier in the week I changed our room with The Bean's.  It was a lot of work.  I tried to be careful about not lifting anything too heavy etc., but still probably did more than I should have.  I really wanted the majority of it to be done before The Bean got home from daycare.  I got all the furniture and closets switched around, and got The Bean's room mostly set up.  After The Bean went to bed, Jen and I were vegging on the couch and Sprout was going crazy flipping around.  I actually got quite freaked out that something was wrong, but things calmed down and everything has seemed fine since then.  It was actually kind of a good reminder that I shouldn't be doing as much as I normally would.

Movement since then has been minimal, as usual.  I'm looking forward to when I feel things more consistantly and especially when Jen can feel the movement too. 

We haven't done a photo yet, but we are going to.  I'm making a priority this week.  I'll update this post when it happens (hopefully tomorrow morning).

Update: Photo from 16w2d


  1. im going shorts-shopping myself this afternoon!

    isn't movement the coolest? :)

    1. Now that I have them, I don't really want to wear anything else. lol.

      Are you feeling Ivy?

  2. Feeling movement is so exciting! It gets really fun when you start to know what will get your baby moving! :) As Quinn grew, I could poke her and she would poke back!

    On another note, I have several maternity shirts and pants that you're welcome to borrow when the weather gets cooler in the fall. Let me know.

    Also, let me know when you're free to grab a coffee or a walk!

    1. The Bean (not surprisingly) was pretty active pre-birth. I loved it. We have a really cool and bizarre video of Jen's stomach from about a month before he was born.

      It's really sweet of you to offer to loan me your maternity clothes. Thanks and I'll probably take you up on your offer. Jen's old pants (the jeans in the photo, for example) seem a little big, but I haven't tried out any of my sister's stuff yet.

      I'll be back mid-July so hopefully we can get together then!

  3. one of the greatest feelings is when you move from looking like you've gotten fat to looking pregnant. it's such a boost for the ol' preggerz ego! glad you're feeling it, hope the annoying parts fade soon and you get to hit your second trimester groove for a bit!

  4. We just had our baby in March and it was the greatest feeling in the world. I am glad to have stumbled across your blog today, its nice to see other 2 mommy families blogging about the experience.

  5. Glad to hear you're feeling great! I miss those tiny little flutters of baby movement...and they are a good reminder to take it easy :-) You've got a very cute little baby bump going on there!

  6. Ack! You're definitely showing! I'm so happy things are going so well.

    1. Thanks, R. Glad to hear I don't just look fat. ;)