Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Being Pregnant Meme

I don't nomally participate in memes, but The Bean is napping and I was tagged by 2aussiemammas participate in the “Being Pregnant” meme (started by the curious Trinket of Treasure), so why not?


We are a very nosey curious bunch, so please answer the following questions in depth. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE ANY DETAILS OUT (only joking). But, please do write as much as you want, keeping in mind the joys of life are in the finer details.

Invite three or more women and link them to your blog post. As I don’t know many mothers or pregnant women, I’d appreciate it if you could invite as many mothers/ expecting women you know to participate. But please remember you don’t have to be invited to take part. THE MORE THE MERRIER!

Leave a comment about what you think of this meme and a link to your blogpost
For lovelies that have been pregnant more than once, answer the question in regards to your first pregnancy.

What was your first reaction when you found out that you were pregnant and why do you feel you reacted in that way?

I was very excited, and also felt quite cautious. We, of course, were hoping for our IUI to have worked but I think after our first BFN I was trying to prepare myself for another disappointment.

What major changes did/does being pregnant bring to your life?
I wouldn't say there have been too many "major" chages. I was very tired and ill throught the first trimester and my pregnangcy sickness just seems to be easing up now at 17+ weeks. We did swap bedrooms with The Bean to prepare for when the two kids will share a room (still at least a year away, I would guess), but considering we already have a little one I think most of the major changes have already happened!
What did/do you like or enjoy about being pregnant the most?

I like noticing my stomach growing because it is a reminder of the baby in there.

What are your overall thoughts and feelings on being pregnant?

It's been more difficult physically than I thought it would be --fatigue, sickness, and now starting to feel more limited in my movement and also having to be more cautious about certain things and more aware of others, but I am also really enjoying it. The weeks seem to pass slowly, but at the same time I can't believe that we're already approaching the halfway mark. Despite the challenges, I'm a little disappointed that I'll only experience pregnancy once, though not (really) disappointed that Jen and I agreed to have two children.

I'm not going to tag anyone, because I don't particularly like the idea of making someone feel obligated to do something they wouldn't choose to do on their onw, but if you would like to particiapte, please feel free to leave a link to your answers in the comments!


  1. I'm not commenting to be tagged, but a while back I commented on another post and you asked if I had a blog. I never replied, and this reminded me! No, we don't have a blog right now. We've talked about starting one primarily for our friends and family to follow along, but I'm extremely (overly?) concerned about privacy and haven't figured out how I want to do it yet.

    1. Good to hear from you again, Valerie! I have a few friends who have private blogs set up where you have to have to be invited to view them... maybe worth considering? I don't blame you on the privacy issue. It's something we debated a good bit, but so far our experiences have been positive and The Bean is still young enough that we aren't too concerned.

    2. Glad to know your experience has been positive! We've thought about a private blog, but wondered if people would ever remember to go back to it if they can't set it up in their respective readers. I'm not sure I would! :-)

    3. I should put you in touch with my friends. I believe what they do is update a public blog with a link to their private blog whenever they have a new post.
      On a side note, I love my reader! I used to go to all my blogs individually before I descovered it, now it's all just there. Amazing.

    4. That's an idea! I looked and looked online for ways to notify people about updates to private blogs and could only find complicated newsletter instructions. I will have to check this out and consider it. Thanks!

  2. Good read :D Love reading along on your progress!

    (hope you didn't feel obligated though)

    1. Oh no, sorry if it came across that way! If I hadn't wanted to do it, I wouldn't have.