Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving.  Because of the holiday, I had a half day on Friday and have today off.  The break came right at a time when I have been feeling like I really need it.  My students this year have been really good so far, but as I've mentioned before, it's still been a somewhat hard transition.  It has been so nice to have some time to rest and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous all  weekend with temperatures in the 20s (high 70s/ low 80s).

Friday afternoon a co-worker/friend came over with her toddler daughter for a little visit.  We've been wanting to get together since The Bean was born but haven't been able to coordinate things until now.  It was a nice visit.  We spent a little bit of time inside and then took the kids to the park across from us to play.  Our friend's daughter is a year older that The Bean and it's amazing to see the difference that year makes.  I love the stage he's in now, but it also made me anticipate how much fun it will be when he is able to walk around and tell us what he is thinking.  

On Saturday I woke up early and FINALLY made some pumpkin bread.  There are no pictures because we started eating it right away!  After The Bean's nap we drove out to my mom's for an early dinner with her, my sister and her husband.  Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday food-wise and the meal was delicious.  The turkey was done PERFECTLY.  The Bean enjoyed sharing off my plate.  The highlight of the visit was being there when my mom found out that my sister and her husband are expecting.  (My sister made the announcement when we were all sharing what we are thankful for.)

Yesterday we went over to my brother and his girlfriend's new apartment.  They were hosting another dinner for both families.  We didn't stay for dinner because we had to get The Bean home to bed, but we had a nice time chatting with people and eating appetizers.  They put on quite the spread!

Today we are laying low.  We caught up on laundry this morning and I'll do some school work later.  Hopefully we'll get out for a walk along the trail nearby.  Maybe we'll see if my Nana if she wants to join us.  We plan on trying to relax and enjoy the extra day together.  Sometimes it's nice not to have much of a plan.  

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


  1. aw, that sounds really nice. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. ;)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like a wonderful long weekend. That last picture made me smile big.