Sunday, October 30, 2011

Link Love

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  This time of year is the most busy for me in terms of extra work commitments.  Last week I had three evenings where I had to attend work events.  I'm feeling pretty burnt-out.  The weekend was good for recharging though.  Still no "real" posts, but I thought I would update with a couple of links I've stumbled across over the past little bit.  Maybe you'll enjoy them too...

Can you believe that these alphabet cards are a free download?! Wouldn't they make a great addition to a baby gift? I plan on printing two sets to give to co-workers who are due in November along with crochet baby hats.

Heavenly Homemakers Haircut Tutorial
The Bean is in need of yet another haircut. I have to admit, I've given him at least one rather severe haircut in the past. I'm hoping that following the guidelines of this tutorial will help with the next one. Now I just need suggestions on how to get him to hold still.

Martha Stewart Felt Hat How-To
Okay! Totally cute! I'm thinking one of my old sweaters may have to turn into one of these.

Prudent Baby Cheater Quilt
Have I talked at all about wanting to learn how to sew? The only thing I've made in recent history is The Bean's envelope pillow cover, but I think this would make an awesome beginner project. Jen and I have been talking about buying a sewing machine. I'm hesitant to make the financial commitment. I love the idea of sewing, but I'd hate to buy a machine only to have it sit unused in the closet. Still, seeing adorable and seemingly do-able projects like these make me think maybe one day soon...

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  


  1. I completely empathize with you on the work front! I'll be so happy when these developmental assessments are completed! I hope you can enjoy some relaxation time in the midst of it all. :)

  2. I'm sorry things are so crazy at work. Hopefully things will slow down a little soon :)

    I love those alphabet cards. Those are a great idea.

    And yes, all 7 of us definitely need to get together soon!

  3. Thanks Holly Ann and Ashleigh. I hope things calm down at work soon. Interview are this week and next, and after that it should be a little easier.

    Glad you like the cards, Ashleigh!