Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

With just over two weeks to go, I feel like it's an okay time to start thinking about Halloween.  I often feel like holidays are prepared for WAY too far in advance and that the wait feels like forever.  Now that Thanksgiving is over and the weather is cooling it does feel like it's time to start thinking about Halloween though.

Jen bought a little pumpkin and some gourds at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago.  We've had them out on the ottoman and The Bean loves grabbing them, shaking them, and rolling them around.  When he's napping we can arrange them nicely and they make a pretty fall decoration.  

We've broken out his "mummy loves me" shirt and put some Halloween-y books on The Bean's spice rack bookshelves.   A couple of the books are ones I picked up from Scholastic last year, one was a hand-me-down and then there are a two new ones that Grandma and Grandpa brought up as a little gift this weekend.  I think it's funny that you're supposed to put a photo of your baby's face in two of them (we haven't). 

I was heart-set on making The Bean a garden gnome costume, but my my cousin loaned us a Piglet costume and we tried it on The Bean the other week and it actually fit.  Not only that, it was adorable.  Now I think we might just go with the Piglet costume.  I guess we'll see how much free time I have between now and Halloween to pull together the garden gnome thing.  He won't be trick-or-treating this year, so he doesn't even really need a costume, but they're kind of too cute to pass up.  Maybe we'll take him over to my Nana's or my aunts just to show him off.  And of course I'll probably have to take at least a zillion photos. 

What have you been doing to prepare for Halloween.  Do you have costumes (for your kids and/or yourself) yet?  What are you going to be? 


  1. Little Monster LOVES the book you have Duck & Goose find a Pumpkin! He giggles the entire time they are looking for the pumpkin :) Our little guy is going to be a football player...American football that is, haha. I am sure The Bean is adorable in the piglet outfit!

  2. Little Monster has good taste! I love the Duck & Goose book too!

    A football player costume sounds very cute! I can't wait to see everyone's photos of their kids all dressed up.

  3. We're both going to be kitty cats. So excited, since I found the most adorable little black cat costume online. It even comes with a mouse rattle! And then I have ears and a tail and some face paint left over from several years ago, so we will be a momma and a baby cat. I love the piglet outfit, but if you manage to craft the garden gnome costume that will absolutely rock!

  4. Aww. Matching costumes will be adorable! Now you've got me thinking that I have to try to put together this garden gnome costume...