Saturday, October 1, 2011

::right now::

 Right now I am...

::feeling a little sleepy and slow.  
::listening to the wind blowing outside.
::anticipating the changing colours of leaves on the trees.
::remembering preparing for my sister's wedding this time last year.
::enjoying Jen's birthday flowers.  Still looking lovely after over a week.
::planning on making some pumpkin bread later this afternoon.
::admiring my long overdue new haircut.

::longing to start some fall crocheting.  Two co-workers have babies due next month.  Maybe some tiny hats...
::loving having a day to slow down and spend time with my two favourite people and my favourite cat.
::hoping that you're enjoying your Saturday as well!

Inspired by SouleMama


  1. Pumpkin bread sounds tasty :) I made banana bread yesterday afternoon. Did you end up making it?

  2. LOL. I didn't! I did make some oatmeal muffins though. I'm still hoping to get to the pumpkin bread this week. The recipe I use is a banana bread recipe but I just use pumpkins in their place and throw in some nutmeg or other spicing if I'm feeling inspired.