Sunday, October 16, 2011

Puck's Farm

This weekend Jen's parents came to visit.  Although I know they'd be happy just to hang out at the apartment all day playing with The Bean in the living room, we thought it'd be nice to do a special outing with them.  

We'd been talking about going to a farm and found Puck's Farm recommended in an email list we're on.  We went today to check it out.  

We took a couple of wrong turns, so it took a while to get there.  The Bean hadn't had a good nap that morning and he wouldn't sleep in the car so I was concerned at how well he'd hold up, but once we arrived he was busy looking around and really wasn't too fussy. 

We were greeted by this handsome fellow:

The first thing we did when we got there was walk through the stables.  There were quite a few animals -sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses, a baby donkey (so cute!), a llama, bunnies, ducks, etc.  The Bean seemed to enjoy looking at all the animals.  Well, all except the horse, which kinda' freaked him out. 

Next we went on a wagon ride.  The Bean had fun chewing on the hay we were sitting on. 

After the wagon ride we got a bite to eat.  There was a booth with fries and burgers and whatnot.  The Bean played on the grass while we waited for our order.  Then we went into a little cabin-y thing to eat.  It was freezing so it was nice to be inside and have a chance to warm up a bit. 


When we arrived, we were told that the pumpkin patch had been picked clear, so we didn't even bother going over to it.  There were a few big boxes of pumpkins for sale though.  We thought it made a good photo op. 


There were some scary-looking fair rides and a "haunted farm" to go through, but it was starting to drizzle a bit and we were all about ready to head home, so we decided to save those things for a future visit.

All in all it was a nice way to spend a fall Sunday.


  1. Great pictures! It doesn't get any better than babies and pumpkins lol

  2. Thanks Strawberry. Babies and pumpkins do make an adorable combination, don't they?

  3. Adorable pictures. We're going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and I'm excited. It's my favourite outing of the year - mostly because of the great kid photo ops. :)

  4. Hey Shannon, would you mind sharing which pumpkin patch you guys go to? We're taking suggestions on good ones in the area. (You are in the area, right?)

  5. Hi Allison. We're in Bowmanville (which is about 40 mins east of Toronto) so we go to Knox's ( we have friends from Toronto who go there too. We like Whittamore's but it's really expensive. We're actually going on Sunday. Feel free to join us! There's a big group of us going.