Monday, June 27, 2011

What I Love About Me! - Tofu Edition

I was vegan for several years and the whole time I sucked at making tofu. In all of my recipes it always just tasted like, well, tofu.

I've been doing more of the dinner cooking since I've been home and in an effort to get some protein, yet cut back on our meat consumption, I decided to give tofu another shot.

So, this week I love that I learned to make good tofu.

Italian marinated tofu about to be added to a yummy pasta salad
The trick, if you're interested, is to buy refrigerated firm tofu then press it for a few hours before you marinate it. I usually do plate, paper towels, tofu, another plate, and then put a heavy dictionary on top...maybe osmosis will help my vocab too.

After that, I cube it and let it marinate (the longer the better - a few hours if you can) then sautee it slowly over a medium heat until the marinade cooks up and the tofu browns.


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  1. Oh, I love to cook with tofu! I'm no longer a vegetarian (I was for 8 years), but I still like to make meals without meat sometimes. Thanks for sharing your tips!