Thursday, June 9, 2011

Speaking of trying new things...

The Bean has started solids. Here are the results:

We got back blood test results from the other week and, as suspected, The Bean's iron levels are low. We talked about ways to try to resolve the issue with our pediatrician for quite a while. He suggested a supplement. We said we were agreeable to a supplement, but would also like to try introducing some foods, as the supplements can be quite harsh. The doc said he didn't really like cereals because he felt they were over processed and the iron is added rather than naturally occurring, and potentially not as easily digested if that was a concern of ours, so we talked about some other foods and decided we'd start some meats (as well as some veggies and fruits) in addition to a partial dose of a supplement. We're also going to go to our naturopath and see if she can suggest a less harsh supplement.

So far The Bean has had some peeled and mushed blueberries, as well as pureed chicken and apricot and seemed to enjoy all three! Maybe this will also help him start sleeping better at nights! (One can hope.)

For those with babies who are eating, what were the first foods you tried out (particularly the iron-rich ones)?


  1. We started with green veggies first and all of my kids liked them as babies. Now my twins are rather picky eaters though. I wish you all the best trying out new foods and I hope he takes well to them! :)

  2. Here are the top 10 iron-rich foods:

    Out of these, you can do red meat, dried fruits (prunes are good because they're big enough for them to chew on and break pieces off of), adult iron-fortified cereals soaked to mush in breastmilk/formula, hummus, poultry. We give our son an iron supplement sometimes...found one at an organic food store in liquid form. We put a dropper full into his milk or juice.

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions Holly and Strawberry!

    Strawberry, do you find Curly tolerates the cereal well?

  4. Curly, who is now 2, has never had problems with cereal (or anything else, besides onions!)

  5. I sure hope our guy is the same!