Friday, June 3, 2011

Non-Challenge Days 1, 2 and 3!

Catching up from the past few days...

DAY 1 Provide a picture of the space where you normally blog.

I used to have a lovely large desk with a hutch, but it was Craigslisted to make room for the little one. Now I mostly blog from the sofa.

DAY 2 Describe your high school self. What extracurricular activities, if any, did you participate in during high school?

High school... neither the best nor the worst years of my life. In some ways I've changed dramatically, in others, not at all.

I was introverted but friendly, with a small group of close friends that I was comfortable opening up around. I took school seriously. I studied hard and got good grades. Most days I arrived at school early and sat in the hall or classroom reading. I'm quite certain I had my nose in a book during about 90% of my "free" time. I was involved in a few extra-curriculars, Art Club and French Club come to mind, but I also had a lot going on outside of school.

I was a competitive gymnast, and trained a few nights a week after school. I had been quite good in my younger years, but had to stop because of an injury. I went back probably around age 15 and started training again. I was able to compete, but it was never quite the same.

I was also very involved in my church... a Korean Presbyterian church, though I am not Korean. I started going in my early teens because my best friend was a member and ended up really loving it. I was super-involved there. I went to Youth Group on Friday nights and service on Sundays. I was in the choir, taught Sunday school, played on their sports teams like softball (I was awful) and dragonboat (I was good), served as an usher, was in the church praise band (bass and vocals), was the VP of the youth group for one year, etc. I had a lot of very close friends there, including my best friend who was like a sister to me. Eventually I became disillusioned and left the church, but that came later...

I also babysat A LOT. My sister and I pretty much watched every child in the neighbourhood under age 10. I also worked for a company that hosted kids' birthday parties in my later teen years. I think all the time I spent with kids then definitely influenced my decision to become a teacher.

I liked spending time with my friends, but never had a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). I didn't really think about that much, to be honest.

I think I was a pretty good teenager. I fought a lot with my sister, but that was probably the worst of it. I don't think my mom ever worried too much about me. We were pretty close and she was fairly relaxed in her parenting style with me... no curfew, no real "rules" other than letting her know where I was. I was probably harder on myself than she was on me. My "rebellious" phase came later.

DAY 3 What are your guilty pleasures?

I really don't think I have too many guilty pleasures. I buy a fair number of books, but I read them. I watch TV (including some crappy reality TV), but usually only about an hour a night. I love ice cream and baked goods, but wouldn't say that I over-indulge. I probably spend too much time browsing Etsy and the past four and half months I have overindulged in the taking of baby photos. Does that count?


  1. There's no such thing as indulging in baby photos. ;)

    I also find your story about church interesting. I was pretty involved in a church during HS too, but I went on my own accord since I was raised without religion. After several years of church activity and religious studies, I again left religion behind me. I'm sorry you became disillusioned. I obviously don't know where you stand now, but I just thought it was interesting that I seemed to have had a similar experience. However, I could be way off and if I am, I apologize. :)

  2. The church going was completely of my own accord too, Holly. My mom was agnostic at the time and was actually quite upset when, at 16, I told her I was going to be baptized. (She "found Christ" shortly after kicking me out of the house for being gay, but that's another story.) I probably fall more under the agnostic category now, believing that there is something that connects all living things -call it string theory, call it God, I'm not picky about terminology- but still celebrate the big Christian holidays.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I'm not shy about my atheism, but I don't ever want to hurt other people's feelings either. It's thin ice I tread on and I know it. But for me, it just comes down to being honest with myself and others. I still consider myself "culturally Christian" though in that I also still celebrate all the major holidays with my family.
    I'm sorry about what happened with your mom too. My parents always seemed kind of proud of their liberalism - until they found out my sister was gay. They've both become much more open and understanding about it now, but coming out was not a fun time for my sister either.

  4. I try to respect other people's beliefs and find that differences are usually a non-issue. I suppose it also helps that I live in a fairly liberal city/country and surround myself with people who are pretty open-minded.

    Sounds like your parents had a similar reaction to your sister as my mom did to me. It was not a good time in my life. Fortunately, my relationship with my mom is much better now, although I doubt it will ever be the same.