Thursday, October 11, 2012

Twenty-One Months Old!

Today The Bean is twenty-one months old!

Though I know to many people, our little Bean is still a baby we continue to be amazed by all the signs of the child he is growing into. 

-First I want to say what a great disposition this guy has.  Sure, he has his moments where he's uncooperative, but overall he's happy, loving and social.  He doesn't like it when something he is enjoying comes to an end, but overall he tends to go with the flow.  (To be honest, we also tend to go along with what he wants to be doing, so maybe that contributes to his disposition, but I'm okay with that.) 

-He's getting quite good at communicating what he would like.  As I mentioned last month, he'll ask to do something by saying "I ____".  This past month in addition to wanting to dance, he's expressed interest in colouring and painting.  It makes my art-loving heart smile.   He's also started saying "I hungry" rather than just saying or signing "eat".  He still just signs eat and makes a slurpy noise to indicate that he'd like to drink. 

-As the above bullet references, he is really starting to talk in sentences.  Most often two-word, but sometimes he'll string three or more words together.  It's pretty cool.

-He's really been enjoying the book "Knuffle Bunny Free".  As in, he's wanted us to read it to him every day for the past two weeks.  Admittedly, it's not a favourite of mine, but Jen doesn't seem to mind reading it.  Especially if it means The Bean will sit in her lap and cuddle for a few minutes.  Like last month, "Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin" still tops the favourites list.  We've broken out quite a few fall and Halloween books recently.  He seem to like the new variety.

-I'm sure he's been doing this a little over a month, but he's able to scoot himself around on his school bus now.  He'll go both backwards and forwards.  Going backwards seems to be quite hilarious.  As is walking backwards. 

-He's also learned to get both feet off the floor when he jumps.  He doesn't get too much air time, but it's still pretty cute.  He mostly jumps when he's excited about something and when he's dancing. 

-Jumping OFF of things, in addition to climbing up onto things continues to be a favourite passtime.  He knows his toybox is too high for him to jump off safely and will say "No.  High." when he climbs up on it.   

-Unfortunately it seems that spaces in the toddler swim classes we want to enroll him in are all filled up.  We were too late registering for the September/October session and were wait-listed for the October/November session.  It doesn't look like we got in.  We're hoping to start taking him to the salt-water pool around the corner for us on Sunday afternoons for free swim.  I hate for him to get out of the routine, particularly when he seemed to enjoy it and was doing so well back in June. 

-His sleep seems to be back on track in terms of the early(ish) wake ups.  Not sure what that was about.  When we go in to get him in the morning or after his nap he rolls onto his tummy so we will tickle his back.  Not a bad way to wake up.

-No real changes in his eating or clothing or anything like that.  He seems thin to me these days, so he has probably streched out a bit.  We still have to put him mostly in 12 month pants so that they don't fall off his little bum, though they do look like floods.  We have a couple pairs in the next size up with the adjustable waistbands but they still look pretty ridiculous on him (too big).  Not a terrible problem to have, in the grand scheme of things. 

We look forward to everything the next month has to bring.  Perhaps our last (though more likely our second to last) month with only one child.  I'm excited for The Bean to be a big brother.  I know he's going to be an awesome one. :)


  1. He is adorable. Sounds like he's doing great!

  2. He IS going to be an awesome big brother! He is so cute in this month's picture. Sounds like he is rolling along in everything else!

  3. Cutie picture. It's great that he knows what is too high to jump from. He sounds like he's coming along great.

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Amanda! He's going to be a great big brother :) From everything you guys say though, I definitely feel like he's no longer a baby. Such an adorable little boy. We must get him together with the girls soon!

    1. We're looking forward to seeing you guys at the pumpkin farm on Saturday!