Monday, October 22, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 32(+2) Weeks Pregnant

I was reading Lex's blog and she got me thinking, I hope that these Navalgazing posts do not make it sound that I am anything less that thrilled that we are expecting another child.  I know I've complained of various aches and whatnot on here, but I am happy that I have those aches to complain about!  Well, at least what those aches are representative of. 

I truly feel for the many individuals and families that have struggled with TTC and hope that they are blessed with happy, healthy, gorgeous children whose presence makes their struggles to conceive seem entirely worthwhile.  I know Jen and I have been very lucky to have relatively uncomplicated TTC and pregnancy experiences. 

That said, I have been in absolute agony the past two days and in a good bit of pain for the better part of the week.  I think the issue is that I have a rib (or perhaps a few ribs) out.  Sitting on the couch was getting increasingly uncomfortable, as were car rides.  I was also feeling some discomfort on my front ribs, which I chalked up to baby girl growing, though she hasn't been kicking me near my ribs.  Anyway, yesterday things got really bad.  We were out on a neighbourhood walk with The Bean and I didn't think I'd be able to make it home.  Fortunately I did.  Jen gave me an amazing massage and we put on the TENS machine and then some Icy Hot before bed.  I managed to sleep through the night and woke up feeling much better, but still not great, so later today I am going to the chiropractor and for a quick massage.  I won't be surprised if follow-up appointments are in order, but hopefully this gets me headed back in right direction.  Not sure if there is a cause, beyond being pregnant, but I'm trying to watch my posture/gait. 

With all this going on the past few days, I hardly can think of anything else pregnancy-related to tell you about. 

Hopefully next week things are better!

Updated with a 32(+3) week photo:


  1. Pregnancy can be really rough and I don't think complaining about it means you're ungrateful for it. I'm excited to see your newest addition. It feels like you've been pregnant forever (to me.)

  2. Yikes! That stinks. Hope the chiro can get you back together. I wish i'd followed through and acquired a TENS machine for my pregnancy/birthing with Felix.

  3. Ouch, sounds painful. And at the pumpkin patch I was amazed at how easily you seemed to be moving around, hopping off the wagon ride like it was nothing. I meant to tell you that. Sorry to hear you're in pain now and I hope the massage and chiropractor help. Hard to believe you're 32 weeks already!!

    1. The car ride there and back sucked, but I felt great while we were there. The Bean keeps me pretty limber. ;)

  4. I also don't feel that your navalgazing posts are anything but really great updates on where you're at. It's obvious you're thankful for what you have and as another commenter said, the odd complaint doesn't take that away.

    I'm sorry you're having such bad rib trouble and i hope the treatments help.

  5. Thank you for the updates. I haven't been there, so I really can't compare or relate yet, but excited to get there, and glad to know what to expect.