Saturday, October 6, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at 30 Weeks Pregnant

Monday was my midwife appointment.  Everything continues to be fine.  I got back the results from my glucose screening.  They were well below the level where there would be any concern, which I was releived to find out.  Though I've limited myself, I have definitely craved sweets throughout a good bit of this pregnancy and even though I've been told my weight gain is fine, I have found it somewhat concerning to gain so much.  The past two weeks I only went up 1/2 a pound, so maybe it'll slow down for a little while now.  My blood pressure was still nice a low.  The baby's heartrate was about 150bpm and she was lying with her back curved to my left side. 

Monday afternoon I went down to one of the local universities that trains midwives, to volunteer.  They were looking for pregnant women for their second year midwifery students to practice palpations on.  I didn't have other plans for the day and I think it's really important for people to get hands on experience in their field.  When I was doing my teacher training, actually being in the classroom was what I found most valuable, and so I sort of thought of this as a way of giving back.  The students were super excited as this was their first experience working with actual pregnant women (there were four of us).  They took turns feeling for the baby's position, measuring fundal height, and looking for the heartbeat.  I was there for three hours and had about 30-someodd ladies poking at my belly.  It was fine, but by the end of it I was DONE.  I think Sprout was too.  She got pretty fiesty towards the end and kept kicking me on the way home. 

On Tuesday I kept the car so that I could go pick up some used baby clothes.  Back in the summer a lady had listed a bag of her daughter's old clothes for a very reasonable price.  We purchased them and were really happy after bringing them home and taking a closer look through them, so I told her if she wanted to contact us directly in the future, we would buy from her again.  So, I guess they were done with most of their summer stuff and she emailed to let me know she had another bag ready.  It was as great as the first one she gave us.  I'm really, really happy to have her as a contact.  Hopefully she'll continue to stay in touch.  Another friend came by to visit, and even though her daughter is seven, she dug up some little sleepers and outfits she had found from her baby days.  I'd say we're doing quite well! 

My sister and an old friend have also decided they are going to host a welcome baby celebration for us at the beginning of November.  Both Jen and I were reluctant as didn't want a shower, but they were fairly insistant and it will be nice to get together with some family and friends to celebrate this little one's upcoming arrival. 

And now for the belly shot, taken today: 

Notice how my lower back is all archy?  I have to work on that. 


  1. Good score on the baby clothes!!! So happy that everything is going well. THE day just keeps getting closer and closer and I bet you are getting excited to see little one! Have said it before, but that baby belly is seriously adorable!

  2. How wonderful that you were able to volunteer to help the midwifery students! That's amazing.