Monday, June 11, 2012

Seventeen Months Old!

Today The Bean is seventeen months old!

-The Bean continues to keep us busy.  He is a super-active little guy who loves walking, running, dancing, riding his tricycle, swinging, climbing, swimming, etc.  Sometimes it's hard for his moms to keep up!  (It's hard to believe he only started walking about six months ago!)

-I may have mentioned it last month, but we're starting to see "toddler moments" with our little guy.  I feel for him because a lot of times I think it's that he wants something but isn't able to communicate it.  Other times it's totally just that he can't get what he want though. He'll throw himself down on the floor and whine, we usually try to lay him down gently and in the first case try to figure out what it is that he's trying to tell us, or in the second case explain why he can't have what he wants and walk away. 

-A friend wrote something about language development and that by 18 months toddlers should have about 20 words.  We made up a list and The Bean seems to have just over 20, though he doesn't say them all consistently.  Mama, Grandpa and cheese are probably the three words he uses most. 

-He is now it 12+ month tops, but still wears 6-12 month shorts.  I swear the sizing is messed up.  I don't understand how even with his big cloth diapered bum, he fits into pants labeled for a 6 month old.

-He's really into toys that play music and loves to dance (read: spin) to them.  He also has started to be really into trains.  We're trying not to mention the "T"(homas) word. 

-He continues to love daycare.  He sometimes even claps his hands when we pull into the driveway.  We're so happy he's there.  (Even if I do complain about her not changing his diaper enough.) 

-He seems to know our routines.  In the morning after we get up and change his diaper, he knows it's time to brush his teeth and will go into the bathroom to get his toothbrush. After that he goes to the kitchen for his milk, applesauce and toast.  Then it's play time and daycare.  He also seems to know after dinner he gets a bath and then has playtime and books in his bedroom before going to sleep.

-Also, so cute, when at bedtime we say lie down and go to sleep, he'll lie down and smile up at us.  He usually pops back up for a kiss and for us to tell him what a good boy he is.

-We've started going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, which isn't really a Bean update, but it's been an enjoyable way to start the weekends as a family.   Swimming on Sunday afternoons wraps up this month (he loves the water and has been doing very well in swim class) and we're taking the summer off because of travel.  Those are really our only major family routines, other than the day-to-day stuff.  

I know it's a short update this month, but we're overdue and I want to get something up before this month starts to bleed into the next.  It's amazing how quickly the time passes these days.  The Bean certainly keeps us busy, but we love it! 

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  1. I can relate to the pants situation! Our boys are just tall and lean. LM requires pants with a 2T waist and 4T length...guess how hard those are to come by? :)

    We tried to avoid the T(homas) word as well for a while but he eventually discovered the little army of smiling trains and there has been no turning back. Not sure about Canada but it is quite popular here in the states and hard to "get away" from.