Tuesday, June 26, 2012

*Navalgazing* Fifteen (+3) Weeks Pregnant

Another late update, but I don't feel there's much to update on.

Last week was a very rough week emotionally as I finished up the school year.  The kids finished the week prior, which I thought would make things a lot easier, but I was still feeling pretty down most days. (It certainly didn't help that the woman taking over my position balked on a major end-of-year task that she was supposed to share responsibility on.) 

I also finished the online course I've been taking.  Thank goodness.  The quality of my work was WAY below what I would have liked it to be, but I passed and I think even got a Level 4 (the highest grade) on my research paper, which frankly I didn't deserve, but I'll take it just the same. 

My nausea continued to go up and down, so I continued taking my medication on an as-needed basis.  I did get to wear comfier clothes though.  That was a huge plus.

We missed our photo again.  It really bothers me that we've been so bad about taking weekly photos when we were SO good about it when Jen was pregnant with The Bean.  Hopefully we can get on track with it so I don't feel like we're already not being as conscientious parents as we were the first time around.


  1. Hope this week finds you feeling a bit better. Take those pics while you can! And cut yourself some slack -- being pregnant isn't the easiest (as I seem to recall).

  2. Things are always a bit different with the second. Like how we still haven't finished Kim's pregnancy journal for Ian, but Erik's was done before he was born. You're just much busier the second time around and can't take as much time to do things like that. Our second children will understand (I hope.) :) Also, my mom completed my baby book (which went up to age 6) when I was a teenager. I kind of get it now. :)

    Hope you're feeling better. It must have been sad to wrap up the school year.

  3. Even pregnancy aside, it's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that people often forget to stay on top of little tasks (like regular photo-taking). Don't be too hard on yourself. The goal is to enjoy the process as much as you can, yeah? So best not to wear yourself down with self-criticism. You're going to love this child as much as your current child, and the irregularity of belly photos is no indication of what kind of parent you will be to this next little one!

    I don't know if it's strange for me to comment on here, or follow this blog, since I don't know you. I'm not normally much for online communication (with strangers). But my fiancée (also a Jenn!) and I are planning to have a child, during the next few years, and it's been great to read about what the process was like for you guys. There's not as much information on same-sex parenting available as I wish there was. So thank you!