Monday, June 18, 2012

*Navalgazing* Reflections at Fourteen (+2) Weeks Pregnant

I think it's gradually been sneaking up on me, but I'm starting to (physically) feel pregnant.  Jen says I'm obsessed with my lower stomach, but it's just so STRANGE to me that it's sticking out now.  I can't suck it in.  It makes my pants increasingly uncomfortable.  It feels like I'm laying on a ball when I'm in bed (breaking the lying on my stomach habit is a work in progress).  It's just so STRANGE.

The reality that there is a tiny little person growing inside of my still hasn't completely sunk in.  I notice myself touching my stomach more and talking/thinking to the baby from time to time.  I think the fact that there is a being inside will settle in when I start to feel movement.  Aside from a few early flutters I haven't felt anything yet.  Not that I'm concerned.  It's still very early for that.

The Bean (briefly) wore his "best big bro" t-shirt at our party on the weekend.  It took people a while to notice, and even then quite a few people didn't pick up on it.  I think we managed to fill everyone in by the time things were wrapping up.  Of course, paranoid me, then updated the event page on FaceBook to thank people for coming and ask them to please keep the "big news" off our walls as it still isn't news we want shared publicly.  Only the settings on the event page were wonky and it ended up posting to everyone on my friends list.  I took it down as soon as I realized my mistake --about 12 hours later.  I know for sure one woman from work saw it, but I asked her to please not inquire as I can't say anything.  I'm sure she's put it together, but she was understanding.  I really hope my three other co-workers didn't see it.  No inquisitive messages from them, so I'm hoping for the best.  I really could kick myself over that one. 

My appetite seems to be kicked up a notch.  My nails are growing at a super-human rate.  And, though my eczema has really cleared up since I became pregnant, just in this past week my blepharitis (dry skin around my eyes) seems to be much worse. 

I think that's about all the updates for now.  A back posted seventeen month update should be coming later this week.  The Bean has been so fun and adorable but increasingly challenging these past few months.  We've broken out some toddler parenting books.  But more on that in his update.


  1. I've just recently come across your blog. I'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday with my first, and my partner and I are excited, nervous, and clueless all at the same time! :) I just had to comment because my nails are also growing at a superhuman rate. It is insane!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Valerie. I think Jen and I are a lot more relaxed this time around, our poor midwife and the questions we had when we were expecting The Bean! The nail thing is truly bizarre.

      If you have a blog you should post the link so we can follow! Hope you're well and enjoy your pregnancy.

  2. I totally relate to the nails growing super fast! Have you noticed head hair growing super fast, too?? I felt like I trimmed my toenails every day while I was pregnant.

    So sorry you're having some stress about work and people finding out about your pregnancy. Darn that social media and its glitches.

  3. I noticed his shirt. :) I wouldn't worry too much about the FB mistake. Most people probably didn't see it as not every update posts to every wall and it wasn't up there very long.