Monday, January 9, 2012

The New Normal

This morning at 6am we all got up.  We brushed our teeth, ate breakfast, and got ready.  We had some time to play together.  Then we drove The Bean to his daycare, gave him a quick kiss and waved goodbye, heading off to our jobs.

Jen's maternity leave is over.  She started back today.  Same workplace, new position.

The Bean is in daycare full time. 

I'm back to teaching the kids after a lovely two week break. 

This morning I had a late start, so I got to stick around and carpool in with Jen, whereas most mornings I'll have to leave earlier and take the subway in to work, as the title of this post indicates, this is more or less the new normal around here. 

It went well today, but still feels a little strange knowing that The Bean is with someone other than one of us.  I'm sure we'll get used to it. 

How many more days until the weekend?


  1. Awww, transition times are tough but it sounds like you're all doing well with it. It does get easier and we find that the kids really benefit from the change of scenery and interactions with other kids. Plus, daycare wears them out so they sleep well. :)

  2. We are potentially on the cusp of this "new normal" also. Glad to hear the transition is going smoothly.

  3. I was thinking about you guys yesterday! How did his first day go? And, how did Jen's first day go?

  4. It's hard but you do get used to it. So glad you had so much time with the bean! I hope you get used to things soon and everything goes smoothly.

  5. That's a hard day! Hopefully, it was harder for you two than it was for The Bean. I find the hardest part of mornings is shower negotiation--who gets to shower and who has to alter the ingrained, "but I always shower BEFORE I eat breakfast" habit?

  6. Happy New Year to you!! Best wishes for an easy return to work. It must be so bittersweet for you. I just started putting my daughter in daycare a couple of days a week. I've been blessed enough to be able to stay home with her but I'm starting to need some uninterrupted time to work on my Etsy shop which was horribly neglected last year. I feel guilty leaving her but she always has a happy face when I go to pick her up and I see her before she spots me. That lets me know it's okay. : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. I was in Jen's shoes last January. I almost want another December baby because of it. (: I was off for all of 2010 and then returned to work on first workday of 2011. A new beginning.
    it's hard but it will get easier. Especially once the bean falls in love with daycare. There are some days where Sadie barely looks at me she's so excited to be with her Granny. (:

    btw, the post is up for the Holiday Craft exchange. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture on our tree though! Thank you so much!! You should have seen my surprise when a Canada post package arrived. I wasn't expecting that at all!!

  8. Oh, it is so hard that first time you leave them with someone else. Everyone will adjust and life will carry on, good as always! I am very lucky in that both my husband and I work from home and we home school so we never have to navigate mornings. We are NOT morning people. Best of luck on your new normal!

    Jennifer @dark blue dragon

  9. This was an interesting post to read. I don't really get maternity leave, just my accumulation of vacation, sick, and emergency time, which is a maximum of about 3 months. I can take up to 6 months off, but 3 will be unpaid so we have to save some money in advance if I want to take 6. Meanwhile my sister is talking about being a stay-at-home mom, and while my work is very important to me, I can't help but envy that she won't miss any of her children's early moments. I'm so afraid it will all speed by with me not there but a few hours out of the day.

    We are behind you (planning to start trying to conceive at the end of this year) so it's helpful seeing someone else's journey.

    Rachel @ mama-and-mommy