Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twelve Months Old!

The Bean is twelve months old!

One!  Can you believe it?

-The Bean seems to be transitioning fairly well to daycare.  The daycare provider tells us that he likes it when the older kids sing during circle time and will stop to watch them.  Today she told us that when they sang him Happy Birthday "he was so happy".  I wish I could have seen him.  The other kids really seem to have taken a shine to him.  He even got a birthday gift from one of them today.  It's only his third full day. 

-He had been doing a good two naps a day along with about 12 hours overnight with one wake-up for a feeding, but with daycare the napping has been less consistent.  His overnight sleep is still good though and last night he slept a straight 12 hours. 

-He's still a good eater.  Meats are harder to get into him, but we try to give him other forms of protein.  I worry a bit with his low iron, but he doesn't seem to lack energy.  He has had his first tastes of (homemade) banana bread, (homemade) cake, (homemade) cookies and ice cream and LOVED it all.  The boy has a sweet tooth. 

-Speaking of teeth, he seems to be cutting his eye-teeth.  Possibly also the ones beside his incisors on the bottom.  He's going to have a mouth full of teeth pretty soon! 

-His babbling is starting to sound more and more like talking.  He has been trying out some different sounds.  He says "Mom"/"Mama", "Mmm", "Up" and "Uh oh".  We have also noticed that he copying the cow and rooster noises his toys make, or will copy us when we make cow and rooster noises.  He's aren't quite clear, but he says them consistently enough that it's clear that that is what he is doing.

-He is absolutely loving his new toys from Christmas.  He got quite a few of the light-up-make-loud-sound things that I used to be rather opposed to getting him.  But he really does love them.  He crawls as fast as he can to get them.  Especially the ones that play music.  His favourite right now is probably the bus that Grandma and Grandpa got him for Christmas.  He can sit on it while we push him around, he can push it himself and he can press the buttons so it makes noise.  He has even figured out that every fourth time he presses the button it plays a song so he will rapidly press to get to the song.  Clever guy. 

-He has learned to put things "in" and "out" and has a lot of fun practicing this with his toys, with pots and pans in the kitchen, and wherever else he seems to be.  "Open" and "closed" too.  Oh, and he is waving "hi" and "bye" now and just in the past few days started blowing kisses.  Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter. 

-He did really well with all the business and different people we were around over the holidays.  Jen and I often remark what a good natured baby he is.  We are so (so!) lucky.

-He also had his first real cold over the holidays.  We were all pretty congested for a good week or two.  Hopefully that's the worst of it for the season.

-He continues to be obsessed with the cat.  When she allows him to get close enough, he either gently head-butts her or grabs her fur and yanks it.  She tolerates him.  We try to keep an eye on him when he's around her. 

-He is getting big!  His 12 month appointment is on Monday, so we will get all his new stats then, but he is starting to fit into his 12 month clothes (though he also still fits into plenty of 6-12 month sized things).  I'm a little shocked that our baby who was in newborn clothes until he was three months old seems to have caught up.  We'll see what percentiles he fits into, but I would be a bit surprised if he were still below the fifth. 

I'm sure that there is more to update about, but it's after 10pm and I'm ready to call it a night.  As of 10:51pm tonight our baby will be a year old.  A year in which our lives have changed so much.  A year filled with more love than we could have imagined. 

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. 


  1. Happy birthday Bean and moms!

  2. Happy Birthday Bean!!!! That smile sure likes like that of a One year-old ready to tackle the world :)

  3. Happy Birthday Bean!
    I felt the same way about electronic toys when S was smaller but it's so true how much they love them! We hit a home run with Buzz Lightyear and an RC Car this Christmas and both are a far cry from the wooden toys I'd dreamed of her playing with!

    I laughed when I read your comment about the German Star because the woodland creatures did steal the show due to their alien like qualities. They have been a hot topic of conversation around our house as we've all tried to figure out what they were made of. I'm totally buying some of that model magic now. (: Go figure, right?
    Of course the star is really cool too and my first thought was that it must have been really hard to make since it was so small and intricate. I'd like to try and make one next year!

  4. Happy Birthday big guy! I can't believe that he's one. It seems like just yesterday that we met up for coffee at Te Aro with your 6-week old!! :)

  5. Happy First Birthday to The Bean!!! Glad the transition to daycare is going well! Enjoy all of the new adventures headed your way during year 2!

  6. Happy birthday, Bean!!!

    Glad daycare is working out well. I love daycare--the kids have such a great time there. Get prepared for more colds though--definitely a lot more that goes around when your kid attends daycare! But you have to build up that immunity somehow, right?

    Hope we can see you all some time soon. :)