Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Recap

So, like most events in his life so far, The Bean got to celebrate his first birthday twice.

We first celebrated a few weeks early with Jen's family while we were in PA.

Grandma, Grandpa, Nan, Pap, (Great) Aunt and Uncle all joined in the festivities.  We had my family's traditional hot milk cake and ice cream (!) then The Bean opened gifts.  We've actually put aside some of the gifts that he received for Christmas and his birthday and don't plan on pulling them out until later in the year.  We'll also continue to rotate what we have out for him at home so he doesn't get bored or overwhelmed.

After The Bean had a bath and went to bed we had a nice grown-up dinner prepared by Grandma.  It was a wonderful celebration.



This past Saturday we celebrated at home.  We had every intention of keeping things small, but it ended up being quite the shindig.  Oma, her best friend, both my siblings and their SOs, Nana, (great) Aunt and three (second) cousins, a close family friend and her daughter, The Bean's best friend and his parents.  That's 19 people.  Good thing we were trying to keep it small... I can't imagine what it would have been like if we had invited "everyone"!

We had various things to snack on, a store-bought cake and a homemade cake that looked like The Bean that my aunt made.  The kids played while the adults chatted.  And, of course, there were more presents.  This boy is set in terms of toys for the year! 


We think that The Bean really enjoyed his birthday parties.  He was smiling and social through both of them and crashed hard afterwards!  We had fun celebrating and are looking forward to everything his second year brings.     


  1. Love the pictures and I especially love the month-by-month pictures on the clothesline. Sounds like he had two wonderful celebrations! Looking forward to reading about the next year of fun.

  2. His white sweater in the first pictures is so adorable. And I triple love the progression pics on the clothesline...what a neat idea :) Happy HAPPY Birthday Bean!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Love your idea to make a garland from the month photos. I may have to steal that one. Happy birthday, Bean!

  4. Happy birthday to the Bean. Love the clothes pin pictures.

  5. looks like a blast! i too love the garland idea and the cake looks fabulous. Happy birthday bean!

  6. Happy first year to all of you! Looks like a lot of fun! What a cutie.

  7. The parties look lovely, sweet and focused on celebrating your son and little family(unlike some 1st year parties-eek.)
    Can I third the adorableness of the pics on the clothesline! So sweet and I know a lot of work to keep up with the monthly photo's. Will you go to 24 months?

  8. LOVE the clothesline...great idea. Happy Birthday Bean! (I'm having issues using my wordpress account to leave comments)