Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twelve Month Stats

The Bean had is 12 month check-up yesterday.  Poor little guy --three shots!  He toughed it out though.  He seemed a little warm through the night, but didn't get feverish.  One of the vaccines (measles?) contains a live virus, so he could show symptoms from that next week, we'll just have to keep an eye on him. 

Of course, my favourite part of the visit was getting all his updated stats.  Not much has changed.  He's continuing along his growth curve, but is still on the low end of things. 

He weighs 17 lbs. 4 oz., which means he was below the 1st percentile for his age.  That's lower than last time, but the doctor didn't seem concerned.
He is 29.1 inches long, which is around the 27% percentile for his age.  This is an increase in percentile.
His weight for height is below the 1st percentile.
His head circumference is 16.7 in.  Which is about the 37th percentile for his age.  That means he's smart, right?  

We also got a requisition for another ultrasound to check on his pelviectasis and blood work to check on his iron levels.  No appointments have been scheduled for those yet, though it shouldn't take long for them to get us in.  I'll update with any news. 


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I so appreciate the support! I came to your blog and peeked around. Your son is beautiful and both his birthday and your holidays looked wonderful. I wish you lots of luck in your pursuit of Sprout.

    BTW, I do post pictures of Scout on my blog, but they are password protected. If you are interested in the password, just email me and I will be happy to send it to you (bestwhenusedby@gmail.com).

  2. Happy belated birthday to your little man!! I'm glad he did okay with his shots. The first two years are horrible for shots. I don't remember my boys having the amount of shots that my daughter has had so far. She had a reaction with the last group of them and ran a fever and was up every couple of hours during the night. That's a tough thing for everyone. Happy new year to you all!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  3. Happy birthday to you and your little man. I never listened to much to stats. My kids were and still are off the charts (way off) for height and just barely on for weight. They are healthy and eat well and that is all that matters with me. Sounds like your little guy is just perfect!
    May this next year be filled with love, health and happiness!

    Jennifer @ dark blue dragon

  4. i'm sure you know this, but since he's continuing on his curve, being small probably means just being small. someone has to be, after all.

    by the way, do you know if those are CDC or WHO numbers? our bean is also on the small side, weight-wise, and i usually feel a little worried when i hear the CDC number and then relieved when i hear the WHO one (which his doctor is always quick to provide, even before i can look too concerned). forgive me if you know all this, but:

    - the WHO charts are methodologically better for a variety of reasons; even the CDC says peds should use them until age 2.

    - small kids are less small on those charts (our bean was 6%ile CDC at his last visit but 12%ile WHO, for instance.)

    - the WHO charts also have smaller zones that are considered cause for potential concern. i think it's under 5%ile for CDC but under 2.7%ile for WHO, or something like that. (similar for upper range.)

    - everybody who makes these charts is at pains to point out that the charts are tools, not diagnoses.

    wow, that was didactic even for me, but i'll leave it in case any of it is helpful. it sounds like you (and your bean's ped) are all appropriately un-worried.

  5. hang on. i'm an idiot. they probably don't even use CDC charts in CANADA, now do they.

    ahem. pardon the cultural imperialism.

    perhaps i should just have said: yay, bean!