Monday, December 5, 2011

To Tree or Not to Tree?

There was some debate whether or not we should decorate for Christmas this year, and if so, what decorating should entail. 

The biggest decision was about the tree.  With an active eleven month old and a small-ish space, we just didn't know if it made sense to put up a tree.  In the end, Jen ended up making the decision --she put up the tree while I was at work.  I was happy to come home and see it twinkling with multi-coloured lights.  It does feel more like Christmas with a tree up. 

Over the weekend we hung ornaments on the tree.  This year we opted only to put our non-breakable ornaments on.  We also put up our stockings and displayed our Santas (one from each year that we have lived together).  Our delicious pine scented candle is out on the buffet and there are also some lights in the window.  I would still like to hang up a bunting that holds Christmas cards, but I need to get some of those removable hook things to do that, so maybe this weekend.

We could definitely do more, but for our space and the point we are at in our lives right now, this feels like enough. 

I'll try to update with photos later in the week.

What do you do in terms of decorating for the holiday?


  1. We also LIMITED our decorating! Our tree is up with lights and ribbon garland but NO ornaments. We also put up about 1/3 of the normal decorations. We are of the same idea that we did what makes sense for this point in our lives. We couldn't give up decorating all together, but we didn't want to have to constantly have to tell Drew to stop touching things. Win-win if you ask me!

  2. We travel at the holidays, so we've only gotten a tree in this apartment once. I did buy a wreath today, but if I could possibly justify the space and money, we'd have a tree, too. They just make me happy.

  3. Fortunately, our duo isn't crawling just yet so decorating will be done very soon. I love Christmas so it wouldn't be the same without the tree and the lights :) Does The Bean love the lights?!

  4. We decorate a lot. Outside lights and lots of indoor stuff. This year we're struggling to figure out where the tree will go. We moved my desk from our bedroom into the living room without realizing that it's where the tree usually goes and there really isn't anywhere else to put it. We're going to have to get a much smaller tree this year and do some creative shuffling of furniture and our living room is going to look pretty crowded for a while. :)

  5. Thanks for all the responses!

    I meant to say that we also travel at the holidays, so going all out with decorations is a kind of unnecessary. I am happy we have the tree up though, I've been enjoying sitting in the living room in the evenings admiring it. I imagine once we have a house we'll do more with outside lights and wreaths and whatnot. I do enjoy seeing things all spruced up for the season.