Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Activities PDF!

So, when thinking about ways to celebrate advent I came across many ideas that included the idea of an activity to do each day.  Only the activities weren't always included.  So Jen and I decided to make a list of advent activities.  We ultimately went with the book-a-day advent calendar because we felt that The Bean was too young to enjoy many of the activities we came up with, but we thought others might enjoy the list.  I'm not really a computer whiz, so there's a funny row of blank cards at the end of the first page, but it should be easy enough for anyone who wants to print this list just to cut away that row. Oh yeah, we also tried to include more activities than are needed for an advent calendar, so that if you chose to use this list for advent, you could pick and choose the activities that suited you and your family best.


Advent Activities PDF

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  1. Great idea! I especially love the last one :) (An unplugged night)