Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mid-December Blur

I had quite grand ambitions posting each day throughout December.  But then there were report cards to write... and post-report card burn-out... and Christmas shopping to be done... and holiday cards to send... and on and on.  All that to say, I haven't been around quite as much as I had hoped.

December is off to a good start though.  I am very excited about the holidays this year.  I know The Bean is really too young to understand most of what is going on, but I hope that he still enjoys seeing friends and family and feels some of the peace, joy and wonder that make this season so special. 

We've got a reasonably busy schedule from now until the new year, and the new year will bring a whole new level of business when Jen starts back to work.  I will try to keep updating though, even if it is only with brief posts.

So, an early Happy Holidays to all, from The Bean & Co.

Not the way we signed cards to our family, just edited for blog purposes.

P.S. Shutterfly is awesome!  We were not only able to create our cards on their site, but have them address, stamp and send them all for us! 


  1. We did our xmas cards on Shutterfly as well! We didn't opt for the address/stamp/send option, although I wish we had! ;)
    I recently discovered this awesome site called Photo In Press for creating photo books. It's Canadian so shipping is cheaper than some of the US sites. They are also uber fast - I made a book on Saturday and received it by Tuesday!

  2. Love it! We used Shutterfly on our cards too. We also gave photo calendars to everyone in our family!