Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eleven Months Old!

Today The Bean is eleven months old!

-Our active boy is down off his tiptoes, but still isn't walking on his own. He cruises around the furniture and uses his lawnmower a lot and has also started pushing other (non-walker) toys around.  His steering could use some improvement!

-Surprisingly, for an apartment-dwelling boy, he has become quite adept at climbing stairs.  As long as he's in non-skidding socks he's able to climb to our third floor apartment with very little assistance!

-On a related note, it has become a lot more challenging to have him in the stroller for longer periods of time as he really wants to be up and about.  

-He now does a ton of "actions."  He'll shake his head, stick out his tongue, drum on just about anything, shake a toy when we say "shake, shake, shake", throw up his arms when we say "yay!", dance when he hears music and is almost waving. 

-He's also become quite a little chatter box.  He babbles away and will mimic noises.  When someone is laughing he'll join right in.  This makes Mama laugh even more and we often end up rolling on the floor with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.  

-He continues to be a good eater and is becoming increasingly interested in exploring his food.  He's starting to feed himself a lot more finger foods, but Mama and Mommy are still in charge when it comes to cereals and yogurts and the like.

-His newest finger foods include freeze dried fruit and chickpeas.  He seems to be enjoying eggs more now that Mommy makes them with onion and garlic for him.  He's also started drinking cow's milk.  Oh, and he had his first bite of a cookie.  YUM!

-He is very observant and any time we change something around the apartment (like when we put up Christmas decorations) or go somewhere new he is wide-eyed checking things out. 

-His favourite toys this month are his nesting cups (which he likes to pretend to drink from) and his jingle bells which he loves to "shake, shake, shake!"  He also still love his lambskin rug. 

-His favourite books are touch and feel ones, Biscuit Visits the Petting Zoo has not left his bookshelf all month. 

-His favourite spots around the apartment are the full-length mirror in Mom and Mama's room, the bookshelf and the end tables. 

-He is starting to hear the word "No!" a lot more.  It seems like he understands because he will stop and look, but he doesn't always listen! 

-He's sometimes only been going down for one nap during the day and has been waking more at night.  We're hoping that this is just a phase, as he seems to do better with two naps and we do better with more sleep overnight. 

-He had his first illness this past month.  A high fever and then, when that let up, a rash.  Our pediatrician said it was Roseola.  Shannon called that one! 

-He celebrated his first U.S. Thanksgiving this November at his Nan and Pap's house.  On the same trip he also visited Santa for the first time.  Our social boy didn't seem to be the least bit phased by the big guy. 

-Thanks to our advent books, The Bean has been learning to rip open wrapping paper.  He's getting pretty good! Bring on Christmas!


  1. He is so handsome! Those eyes are incredible and so have a thinker on your hands :)

  2. He's growing and changing so quickly now! What a cutie.

  3. Oh my gosh, he looks like such a big boy! I can't wait to see you guys this week!

  4. Thanks everyone. It shocks me to notice how grown up he sometimes looks now. What happened to my baby!?