Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

I decided to go through our diaper bag today to check out what's in it, what should stay in there, and what can be purged.

Outside circle from left to right
- my iPod nano case and iPod
- nursing canopy
- reusable bag - plastic bags in Toronto cost 5-cents a piece
- disposable diaper sacks
- an extra outfit for Ollie (you never know when having the extra plastic bag will come in handy too)
- extra bibs - he's a spit-up and drool champion
- wet-bag for dirty cloth diapers
- burp cloths
- change mat with two disposable diapers and wipes inside
- two extra cloth diapers (these ones are from our diaper service)

Inside Circle from left to right
- band aid and bacitraycin
- handkerchief - it's allergy season!
- extra nursing pads
- hand sanitizer
- extra nuk which is hard to see against the carpet
- two download of the week cards I got for Allison at Starbucks and forgot about
- diaper rash balm
- hand lotion
- tide to go pen + an extra hand wipe
- gum
- wallet
- business card holder
- burt's bees hand salve container - empty of hand salve but contains an extra subway token just in case

In the Middle
- skip hop diaper bag that was a gift from Allison's sister
- baby - and a cute one at that! (baby is not usually IN the diaper bag)

I didn't even realize the disposable diaper bags were in there, so those have been nixed. I cut down to two extra bibs, took out the extra nursing pads because I'm not so leaky any more, and gave the download cards to Allison (they're still good for a couple of months).

I have a feeling that more things will get cut over the summer when I'm out on foot more than I am now. Really, the only must-haves are my wallet and the extra diapers + wet-bag if we're in cloth.

What do you keep in your diaper bag? What would you make sure stayed if you downsized?


  1. I LOVE this picture!!!

  2. We got the same bag (different design though)! You have so much in there - will we be able to fit all of that (and some of it x2)?!

  3. lovepluslove..., Thanks! Usually Allison has the eye for photos but I thought this one turned out great!

    Ashleigh, Hah! You guys will be fine. I'm a heavy packer!