Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

We're not religious, but we do celebrate a secular Christmas and Easter. We were undecided whether we'd put together an Easter basket for The Bean, but his Grandma convinced us we should. We had a couple of books I had ordered for him from Scholastic and then we did a quick run out to pick up a few more things we thought he'd enjoy (pacifiers and a gripping toy). No chocolate until next year. :)

I love this photo of Jen and The Bean. My mom's wall makes a great backdrop!

We spent the night at my mom's/ The Bean's Oma's. She's not far, but we don't get out to visit her often. Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave came for dinner on Sunday, along with my mom's new boyfriend and another friend of hers who stopped by for dessert.

It was a nice visit. Hopefully we'll make it out to see her more often over the summer. There's a little beach right by her house which I think The Bean will LOVE once it's a little warmer and he's a little older.


  1. I love his little hat!! Jenn will be jealous - if we were having a boy, that would have been one of her first purchases :)

  2. Thanks Ashleigh! It was one of my first purchases after I found out we were having a boy. H&M has great (cheap) baby clothes, by the way.