Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Months Old!

Today The Bean is three months old!

It's hard to believe that our little baby is already three months old. In other people's eyes he may still a newborn, but to me he seems so grown up already. There have been so many changes since we brought him home. It feels like he's especially changed a lot this past month.

-He still loves to be held, but is often content when in one of his chairs or on his play mat.

-He now smiles and "talks". He also pouts. It is pathetic.

-He is still not very fussy. He really only fusses when he's hungry or wants his soother, when he's pooing or passing gas, and when he's tired. He cries are getting louder though.

-He has figured out he has hands and, boy, are they awesome! He seems to particularly enjoy the flavour of the right one.

-He is starting to interact more with his toys. He can grasp a few of his toys and likes to hold them and try to put them in his mouth. He also likes batting at things. His favourite "activity" seems to be looking at himself in the mirror. He'll smile and babble away at that adorable little baby he sees.

-He is getting stronger, and will lie on his tummy for much longer periods of time looking back and forth, and sometimes just flopping his head down when get gets too tired... or SOMETIMES rolling over. It's quite the trick.

-Another very recently new trick is that when lying down he will tilt his head back and arch his back, and use his legs to launch himself backwards. I do not like this trick. It especially freaks me out when he is on the change table. Or when he launches himself towards hard objects, like our ottoman. He gets mad when I put pillows around his head.

-The pacifier is still a hit, but he will purposely spit it out now when he wants to eat his hand and sometimes also when he is on the verge of falling asleep.

-He has developed a more set schedule. Most nights he will go down between 6 and 8pm, and sleep through until 3 or 4am. He starts to fuss, so I get up and change him while Jen gets settled in to nurse. I go back to bed, she stays up and nurses him, then brings him back to bed when they're done. He'll usually sleep until about 7am after that and, if Jen is lucky, go back down for a little morning nap if she nurses him then.

-He is starting to wear most of his 0-3 month clothing now and we have had to put away all of the preemie and newborn stuff. I get a little bit sad every time I put one of his outfits into storage. He's not such a little baby anymore.

-I *think* he is about 10lbs now. We measured this the highly scientific way of me standing on the bathroom scale, noting my weight, then Jen handing me the baby and subtracting to find the difference.

So many changes in such a short period of time. I can't really imagine what things will be like in another three months, but I look forward to experiencing it!

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