Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Pediatrician Appointment

The Bean had his first appointment with the pediatrician yesterday. Overall it went really well. A nurse weighed and measured him. He was 9lbs. 2oz and 21.5in. ...still below the 5th percentile, but following a nice growth curve, so nothing to worry about.

We spent a good deal of time talking to the resident doctor. He was quite thorough and addressed all of our questions. When it came time to do vaccinations the pediatrician came in. We had some questions about the vaccines, and he answered them well. I really liked it when he said that if we had any reservations, he rather we go home and think about it then have us make a hasty decision and regret it later. We decided to go ahead and do both of the scheduled shots. The Bean's poor little thighs looked so sad with the band-aids on him afterward. He had been crying before they injected him, and continued to cry afterward. We had woken him up for some of the earlier testing, so my guess is that he was tired, and that's why he had started to cry, then the needles just made things worse. Jen nursed him and he calmed down and fell back asleep.

We were able to stop for a tea/coffee and a cookie on the way home while The Bean slept in his stroller. It was a nice mini-date!

The shots seemed to really take it out of our little guy and he slept through the rest of the afternoon, woke in the evening, nursed, and then went back to sleep for another long stretch.

We have some reading to do on vaccines before our next appointment, but I am very happy with the staff and doctors we had and the way they interacted with us. Hurray!

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