Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Smiles and First Bottle

This week has been a bit of a fussy week for our little boy. We'd been "warned" that Week 3 and Week 6 might be tough because supposedly those are times when babies go through growth spurts, but for us Week 4 and 7 seem to have been more challenging. Maybe because he was induced 10 days early? I don't really know and I guess it doesn't make much of a difference.

All that said, I'm still adoring spending as much time as possible with him. Mornings are one of his best times of day, and if he's awake early on the weekend I try to take him after he's had something to eat and let his Mommy sleep in a little. This morning he was having some diaper-free time on his change pad and was just as happy as a clam.

Hopefully we'll be seeing more of this smiley face as we move into Week 8!

Ooh... an exciting update is that I was able to feed him for the first time last night. Jen pumped about 3oz. of milk so I did the first part of his 2am feeding. (He was still hungry after finishing his bottle, so Jen nursed him a little more.) It was very sweet the way he looked up at me while eating. No pictures due to it being the middle of the night and not exactly an ideal photo op time. :P He'll still primarily be breastfed for a while, but Jen is going to start freezing some milk for times when it will be easier to bottle feed, like if we want to go out or if she gets sick or whenever else it might be better to have that option.

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