Friday, July 17, 2015

SBL #5, 6, 7 and 13

So, we're chipping away at the Summer Bucket List.  I feel pretty comfortable crossing off #5, 6, 7 and 13 this week, but I'm sure there will be more of #5, maybe a visit to a different garden for #6, the kids are already asking to go back for more of #7, and some beans on the front lawn that we're letting get just a little bit bigger before picking (#13).  (I could cross off #1 and #3 as well, but there will definitely be more of both before the summer's over, so I'm leaving them for now.)

Tuesday was rainy and we didn't have any set plans, so I decided it'd be a good day to check out the botanical gardens.  I've been wanting to go to this city-operated greenhouse for years now, so I was glad to finally take the opportunity.  It was very pretty, but not terribly interesting for the kids, despite my best efforts to get them smelling, touching and looking at the plants.  

After about 45 minutes at the garden we headed over to the Book Bank.  The kids lasted longer here.  We donated a few baby books that have been getting neglected on our shelves and then I read them about 983,457 Curious George stories. They came home with two Georges that we don't have, plus a cute picture book that I picked out.  

On Wednesday we met up with one of my old co-workers and her nephew who was visiting from Trinidad to pick strawberries. It was WAY colder than I had anticipated, so the kids ended up wearing a bunch of clothes that I had in a donation bag in the trunk. (That is to say, please don't judge! The adorable outfits I had picked out for the occasion are hiding under the over-sized and otherwise bizarre clothes.) The kids LOVED picking the berries; even The Bean, who couldn't be convinced to even lick a berry and had a great time at the play area afterwards. The berries, by the way, might be the best I have ever tasted. Sprout devoured about as many as she picked. We made most of them into really, super-sweet jam. (I'm going to have to cut back on the sugar if we go back for raspberries.)


On Thursday, we met up with a birth group friend (from when The Bean was born) and her two kiddos for a day at the amusement park on the Toronto Islands. It was the perfect weather and the kids had a blast! My only regret was buying tickets rather than a wristband so that they could have gone on more rides. Live and learn. I have a feeling we might be back again before the end of the summer, so I'll get a do-over.

All in all, a great week!  It's good we got it all in when we did because The Bean was down with a yucky virus today. Hopefully he's feeling better soon so we can continue the summer fun.

UPDATED: The Two Moms to Be Summer Bucket List for 2015
1. Check out new parks and go back to old favourites.
2. Swim in Lake Ontario. 
3. Visit animals at the zoo.
4. Spend time in nature. Look for new "nature spots" in the city.
5. Donate books to the book bank.
6. Smell flowers at botanical gardens.
7. Go to the Toronto Islands.
8. Make popsicles.
9. Meet up with local bloggers.
10. Paint rocks that we find at the beach.
11. Go to a fair.  
12. Take a moms-only trip. 
13. Eat things that we have grown and/or picked ourselves.


  1. Love the PJ pants under the shorts! We should head over to the island together! I'm sure the kids would have a blast. I'm definitely doing wristbands next time too.

  2. oh my! what a sweet image of those two hugging in the gardens. It's fun to read about such sweet adventures.

  3. Them hugging in the gardens, SO SWEET!!!

    The layers of clothes for strawberry picking, hahaha! Very funny and quite memorable. It is crazy how close in size they are. I can only imagine how many times you are asked if twins. Great check off, I need to get a good jam recipe sometime.