Friday, July 31, 2015

SBL #1, 3, 8 and 9

Okay, time for another Summer Bucket List Update!  

I've been putting off crossing a few of these items off, because I haven't taken as many photos as I would have liked too.  Even though it's not even August, I feel like the summer is flying by and I should be crossing off more items though!  So, with not quite as many photos as I would have liked...

We've been doing a pretty good job of getting around to different parks this summer. I like variety, so I don't mind driving out of our area to check out someplace new. There are SO many parks in the city. Some are beautiful with trees and gardens and great play equipment and others... meh. I discovered that a small local pool that I went to as a teen has been totally revamped into a much nicer pool and completely amazing splash pad. I also discovered that another fairly nearby park was redone at some point over the past year and has amazing new equipment and even some "natural playground" elements. We also found a couple of playgrounds that have skate parks (The Bean's new obsession). Of course, we've continued to make visits to the park with the giant mud pit and our favourite nature preserve in the middle of the city and gone back to some favourites that we don't get to quite as often (Hello castle playground!  I'm talking about you!!).



We have also been to the zoo several times this summer. I usually bring the camera, but two kids at the zoo can be a bit of a handful, so it's rarely taken out of my bag. That is to say, there are very few zoo photos. The kids love the splash pad at the zoo and the "Kids Zoo" area which has a big slide and a sandbox alongside some small animal exhibits. (Sprout loves the bunnies.) Last time we went we paid a visit to the pandas as well as checked out the butterfly house for what may have been the first time. There were a lot of people, which wasn't ideal, but on a less busy day it'd be pretty amazing.  I tell the kids if they're cooperative that they can ride the merry-go-round when we're leaving. This (mostly) keeps them on their best behaviour. We still need to make it to the city farm as we haven't been since the spring, but there is still plenty of time for that... right?!  

It has been SO hot this past week.  It was also the first week that they had locally grown peaches for sale at the grocery store. I bought a basket full and we used some of them to make smoothie popsicles. Sprout got brain freeze on her first bite, but that didn't stop her from polishing off the rest of her pop!   

Regrettably I took NO photos, but we had a very nice get together with some other bloggers last Saturday. The kids alternated eating snacks and climbing all over the massive wooden castle climber while we chatted. It was nice to finally meet some of the moms and moms-to-be in person and spend time with others who we've met before.  Looking forward to more blogger meet ups before the summer is over!   

After completing this post, I realized I have taken a lot more photos that I thought!  Ha!

--- UPDATED: The Two Moms to Be Summer Bucket List for 2015
1. Check out new parks and go back to old favourites.
2. Swim in Lake Ontario. 
3. Visit animals at the zoo.
4. Spend time in nature. Look for new "nature spots" in the city.
5. Donate books to the book bank.
6. Smell flowers at botanical gardens.
7. Go to the Toronto Islands.
8. Make popsicles.
9. Meet up with local bloggers.
10. Paint rocks that we find at the beach.
11. Go to a fair.  
12. Take a moms-only trip. 
13. Eat things that we have grown and/or picked ourselves.

Update on #13: We grew beans!  They are delicious!


  1. The pictures on the merry go round are spectacular! What cuties! Those beans look delicious. If we ever make it up your way, you need to take us to whichever park is the one where Bean is digging next to the big rock. Little Monster would LOVE that!

  2. It looks like Canada is better at playground design than Pittsburgh! So fun.

  3. Sounds like a great summer so far!