Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sick Kid

A few weeks back now The Bean had a terrible stomach virus.  He's never been that sick for that long.  He could barely eat, had zero energy, and was obviously distressed.

After this had been going on for week Jen took The Bean to the urgent care.  Likely a virus, they said, but best to have some labs run anyway.  We also booked an appointment with our pediatrician.  We decided to press (again) to have the ongoing issues his had with his digestive tract looked at more carefully.  

Maybe because of the extreme nature of the virus, or maybe because we've brought it up so many times now, the pediatrician agreed that we should try to get to the bottom of what's been going with the Bean's GI tract.  

We left the office armed with kits to collect stool samples, and requisitions for blood work and ultrasounds.  

It took a few days to get everything done. The Bean was amazing (amazing!) during his blood draw.  Six vials taken by good (but not great) nurses.  Obviously uncomfortable but so, so brave.  He only complained a few times afterwards that it had hurt.  

Yesterday we had the follow up with our pediatrician.  There were some odd and potentially concerning, but not entirely conclusive results.  We are going to repeat the blood work.  Since I accidentally handed in the ultrasound requisition with the last set of blood work, we will take him to SickKids and have everything done there.  

If things come back the same, our pediatrician is going to request our appointment with the GI specialist be bumped up from its current late-January date.  He doesn't have the expertise to know where to go next with this information.  

I am trying to stay away from the computer and search engines that tell me that this could be Bad.  Hopefully we'll have more answers soon.

(In the mean time he is eating and sleeping and running and climbing and singing and chatting chatting chatting and doing all of the usual Bean things.  Surely it can't be that bad, right?)


  1. I'm sorry the little guy's been sick. Sounds likely that it's viral - that's what I'm going with :) Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Sounds scary but hang in there. Ian's doctor scared the crap out of me too before we saw the specialist. Sometimes those bad viruses take a long time to recover from and can do temporary damage to the gut. Thinking of you and hoping you have more concrete information soon.

  3. That sounds really scary- I hope you get answers soon so that you won't have to be hanging in the balance anymore.

  4. Oof. I'm so sorry for the illness and the anxiety. I hope you will soon have definitive, positive news.

  5. Sending you all positive and healthy vibes, and hoping for the best possible outcome.

  6. I'm going with Shannon's comment--it might just seem scary until you get the answers and it might not be bad. I'll think positive thoughts for you guys.