Monday, December 16, 2013

Sprout's First First Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Sprout's first birthday (early) with our family here in Toronto.  We figured  with her birthday falling on Christmas Eve, which is when my immediate family celebrates Christmas, earlier was the way to go.  (Remember, we have The Bean's birthday right after the new year.)

My mom and her boyfriend, my sister and her husband and son, and my Nana, Aunt and two cousins, plus one of my cousin's boyfriends came to help celebrate.  My brother and his wife were supposed to join us, but my brother was feeling sick.  Likewise, my other cousin and her son would have come, but Sprout had been a bit congested and her little guy is only five months old.  Though we would have loved to have the company of those who couldn't make it, we still had a very nice time.

First birthday parties are sort of a funny thing, because the person being honoured doesn't really get it.  Sprout loved the tissue paper more than her gifts, and was a little skeptical when it came to the cake.   Still, she seemed happy to have a bunch of the people she knows and loves around, The Bean helped her out with the gift-opening and everyone helped with the cake. ;)  (An adorable owl cake made by my cousin!)

We plan on having some sort of a little cake after Christmas Eve dinner, and will celebrate both kids' birthdays in a joint part with the American side of the family while we're in PA over the holidays.

Hopefully when she looks back at the photos from this celebration she'll know how many people loved her and were happy to have her in their lives from the time she was just a wee baby.


  1. Look at that tongue! So cute. Congratulations, Sprout, on your first year.

  2. Happy ALMOST Birthday, Sprout!!!! Family and friends make for a lovely affair every time and look how happy that birthday girl is :)

  3. Happy early birthday, Sprout! I love that last picture, and the look on her face in the one with the cake. Adorable.

  4. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Happy birthday, little one!

  5. Happy first birthday Sprout! Goodness, she and her brother share such a strong likeness :)