Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

This past Saturday we got our first "big snow" of the season.  The Bean and I decided to venture out into the city and see what downtown looked like under a blanket of white.

We took the subway (a hit!) to Nathan Phillips Square where we "skated" in our boots across the rink (another hit!).  A few blocks later we were in front of The Hudson Bay Company's Christmas Windows (another hit!).  The Bean then accompanied me while we picked up a Christmas gift for my mom's boyfriend (not such a hit, but I redeemed the event with a gingerbread cookie).  Sadly there are no photos because I figured for a solo venture I should keep my eyes and hands on the toddler rather than a camera. ;)

Sunday, on our way home from swimming we stopped at the local hardware store and bought a little sled so we could get out and enjoy the snow some more.  After showing Mommy and Sprout our new purchase, we all got into our snow pants, and snow jackets, and snow hats, and snow mittens, all the while (Mama and Mommy) worrying just a little that the getting ready was going to take longer than the playing would last.

Once dressed we ventured onto our still untouched lawn.



The snow was a hit.  We played until it was too far past the little ones' nap times to play any longer.

We draped our wet clothes over railings and radiators, had some snacks, and then snuggled under blankets and all dozed a little.

Perfect wintry weekend.


  1. These moments make for the perfect days, no? Love it!!!!

  2. So sweet! Something about the Bean's complexion makes me think of the folktale The Mitten.